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  1. Hi JNS951, im glad you're enjoying the Eagle. Yes, the buggy wheels must be mounted with the red arrow pointing up in order to work properly. There is 2 ways to access the command module: 1. accessing the serivce or aft modules and transfering from there to the command module. And 2. you can find an exit hatch on the bottom of the c.m., get close and enter. Hope this help. M.T.
  2. Now we have a wallpaper, yay!! A gift from @purpleivan for all the kerbal Eagle fans
  3. Very nice pictures guys! thanks a lot for sharing. I may start a contest...
  4. Thanks Isabelle, Im glad you're enjoying the mod. A ramp on the cargo pod... not a bad idea... maybe in a future release, we'll see... Hi Andejx, thanks for the feedback...but, this isn't happening in my game, as you can see in the image. Maybe a KSP bug? Anyone knows what could be the problem?
  5. Hi everyone Version 1.03 is up! I added 3 new parts: Eagle Cargo Pod: with retractable legs, built-in generator and 15 attachment nodes. MA-2500 ISRU: with built-in radiator and Ore container, can be used for mining (drills not included) or ore processing. Nuclear canister: a dockable container for nuclear fuel (lqdDeuterium, lqdTritium). With these guys you can convert your Eagle into a freighter : a miner: or a processing plant to convert Ore into nuclear fuel: Check the new craft files included with this pack! Also, Added two access hatches to the Command Module, one at the back door and another at the bottom (emergency exit). Changed Tritium to LqdTritium, using Community Resource Pack definition and adjusted Isp accordingly. The fuel rate of the RCS thrusters should be 0.06 L/s. Adjusted the Main Engine fuel rate (LqdDeuterium) to 7.0 L/s and the VTOL Engine (LiquidFuel+Oxidizer) to 7.353 L/s. Increased RCS thrust power and RW torque on the Command Module, for stability purposes. Fixed antenna range on the Service Module and removed built-in antenna on the Moonbuggy, so you can attach one of your choice. Hope you enjoy! MT
  6. I was thinking of adding this The Eagle Cargo Pod. The idea is to add multiple nodes so you can attach or dock anything to it. What do you guys think? Btw, nice screens @hiram13pm and @dragonsmate17, thanks for sharing!
  7. Hi OscarJade, don't use full throttle and you will be fine (1/2-2/3). Check the video-tutorial on the main post, it may help. Or use TCA (Throttle Controlled Avionics), which I haven't tested, but seems to work very well. Good luck! MT.
  8. I was about to tell you to post some screenshots Good work hiram13pm, I m glad you are enjoying the mod. I love the "O" model, looks like some kind of prehistoric bug... Keep them coming!
  9. The Eagle Command Module was intended to be used with the Service Module attached to it and I forgot the rescue contracts case, so you're right, we need a hatch or those contracts will be impossible to fulfill. Thanks to point that out. Soon an update...
  10. To be honest, I don't know how to do that. Maybe if someone else can do it, I can include it in a next release.
  11. That would be cool indeed. Ok guys, I updated some stuff: Version 1.02: - Changed Deuterium to LqdDeuterium, using Community Resource Pack definition and adjusted Isp accordingly to avoid conflicts. The fuel rate on the Eagle Main Engines should be 7.27 L/s. - Added some more ASL thrust to the Main Engines. - Fixed a problem with a collider on the Eagle Passenger Module, so now you can re-dock it to the ship. Thanks for all your support. MT
  12. Yeah I did it but it was worse, so I removed it and reduced steering sensitivity.
  13. Hi guys I updated the main post with a Compatibility Issues section. If you are using the Community Resource Pack, please read it. Also added Kottabos video and a small video showing how to launch the Eagle into orbit. I hope it helps. MT
  14. Thx nebu, Im glad you like it. Yes It was intended, but I agree is not practical the way it is. Improvement for a next version, not a priority though.
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