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  1. Mainly the terrain tools, As it would be rather helpful to create a flat area to build an airfield on. apologies for the late reply
  2. Is there an updated guide on how to use KK anywhere? The wiki seems to mainly be for creating statics rather than using them. And the guides on the old thread are really rather outdated as the UI has changed quite a bit since then!
  3. I was flyin' out of KUTAISI doing dark grey WIC support I was out there by my lonesome cause my buddy was a mort, And i saw that Big Fat Bear in a turn off to my right, he was either lost or he was lookin' for a fight! So I put him in my HUD, and i almost flipped the switch, but then I thought how could I miss? Cause that's a huge plane And only a big wuss would use two FOX TWOs, It's time to get medieval I'M GOING IN FOR GUNS! Harmonica Good on you if you know the song
  4. Enfield 1-1 Request Bogey Dope. Enfield 1-1, Magic, Bogey dope, BRA 152 fo---COLT 1-4, BATUMI, CLEARED TO TAXI. DODGE 4-4, KUTAISI, HOLD POSITON. DCS Is the best isn't it?
  5. My framerate may not like it but.... This is amazing, can practically play orbiter in KSP now!
  6. Yeah, for some reason in-game the audio is really quiet for some reason, yet the actual audio files are rather loud
  7. Pictures from the 2018 Kaker Rally! Few Suggestions: Perhaps an Aircraft Handling Tug, Catering/Cargo Truck and/or Airstairs?
  8. @ChickenBot448 You asked for it, I wanted it, and happened to have a wee bit of free-time, Here's a Shuttle Countdown! Drop NASA_Countdown into GameData and it should plop it in there. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k1cYlL5Rzxi-WYkK8a9Oqe0ikVXyO0DE *(Yes, The liftoff audio cuts off at "And we have LiftOff!" I didn't feel that it'd be right to have the "Of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on a mission to resupply the ISS" As that's rather specific)* By the way, Loving the mod so far @linuxgurugamer! That added bit of immersion is all that's needed to bring you into the world of KSP fully!
  9. ooohh man, Been waiting for something like this for a looong time! This is great!
  10. Using version 1.3.1-3 of Kopernicus and deleting the sun cfg doesn't work for me :?
  11. Dropbox link doesn't work, , Gives a "File not found" Error.
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