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  1. Do you still have the PDF you created for Kosmo-not's Interplanetary How-To Guide?  I would appreciate getting a copy. The images in the original post are not showing up.

    Thanks for any help that you can offer.

    -Gary Berard

  2. You do that using KSPField, as such: [KSPField] public float foo; A KSPField is then usable as a standard variable in the rest of your code. You can of course bypass this to avoid having values intended for displaying info only being changed by players. More info in this thread, Example #1 should give you all the info you need: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92643-Official-PartModule-Documentation
  3. So, after a quick reading of this thread, let me say this: First, if you are indeed distributing .craft files, this is not the proper place to post. Then, as some other users said, you are redistributing files from another modder (with a specific part removed, from my understanding). Yet you make no mention of that or having asked for their permission to do so, either on the OP or in the description of your spaceport link. And finally, the conversation has clearly turned into something we do not need on this forum, with name calling and general rudeness. I will lock this thread and remove the links - and remember, if you want to redistribute a craft file, an easy way to do so is to link to the file itself (or forum thread), not creating a link to it yourself. And if you wish to distribute your own creations, feel free to do so in a new thread.
  4. The lowest common denominator would only give you the period of the system (which is about 4.96E+28 seconds according to mcirish3, including all the moons). However, if you know when the planets align, you can of course know when the next alignment will occur, if you know the overall period. To find the planetary alignment, you need to know when each planet lines up with every other planet, and a way to do this is through iteration: at some point in time, compute the position of the planets, then add some amount of time and get the new positions, etc. I believe someone managed to find the time when all planets but Eeloo line up... On my end, I'm trying to get this working as well, and got Moho, Eve, Kerbin and Duna to line up: This happens at around 785680 days in a save (if you edit your save to several days before that time, you could probably get a better picture than mine). My algorithm takes about 8 seconds to find that, but it seems to require several minutes to find a time when Dres is also aligned... I still have to work on it.
  5. Several posts were split and moved to a new thread: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/47150-ISA-MapSat-Legacy-discussion Feel free to talk about the future of MapSat, or any new similar mod development, over there.
  6. These posts have been split from the ISA MapSat thread, as they are not discussing the mod itself, but ways to improve upon it. Feel free to tell me if the title I gave that thread is inappropriate.
  7. Hey ! Pas mal du tout tes modèles Je vois aussi que tu proposes déjàdes choses niveau mods, c'est pas mal^^ Pour ce qui est d'un mod/plugin en commun, va falloir s'organiser et trouver des gourous de la prog et du texturage (je suis pas vraiment assez bon pour ça, perso)
  8. I would advise against doing that if he wants to save the Kerbals (it is only possible to do so on Minmus and planets/moons with lower gravity).
  9. I usually use 2 sensors to determine gravity: the Gravioli Detector, which will give you a reading in m/s², and the accelerometer, which gives a reading in g (but reads zero if you are in orbit). On Kerbin, as you probably know it, the acceleration caused by gravity is 9.81 m/s², which is 1 g. You can easily convert that
  10. As astropapi1 mentioned, the Space Station Showcase thread would be a good place to find monstrous contraptions
  11. Not really sure what this is all about. If you have a question about the game, feel free to ask, but please refrain from posting content-less posts.
  12. It would seem wheels in general don't like stability, and prefer going wild when they can As an example, this contraption turned sharply to the right without any input other than S (was trying to take off, after all): (this is with "standard" rover wheels (the yellow ones)) And in this video, the landing gear literally rips the rover apart: (but granted, going almost 300 m/s isn't exactly the best idea) These videos are from 0.19 and 0.18, IIRC, but the wheels physics shouldn't have changed much since then.
  13. Comme je le disais, j'ai un peu abandonné le projet, mais j'y jetterai peut-être un coup d'oeil àl'occasion, histoire de voir si son comportement est meilleur maintenant^^ Merci pour ta proposition en tout cas.
  14. Héhé, techniquement, elle a réussi àdécoller et atteindre la Mun, mais j'ai complètement abandonné le projet depuis (et je suis pas sûr qu'on ait le droit de distribuer des mods qui reprennent des modèles d'autres franchises). J'avais surtout des problèmes au niveau des 3 "pieds", qui aimaient pas trop la masse de la fusée, et avaient tendance àsauter un peu partout.
  15. Not sure they flip more easily, but since the pods' torque has been somewhat reduced (if I'm not mistaken), you can't correct as easily as before. Not to speak of rovers comprising only seats and no (probe) pod, they can't be rotated along the pitch/yaw/roll axes at all, which means a lot of care is needed not to flip them over.
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