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  1. My bad, should have read guidelines! I was on the old forum several years ago around the release version of KSP, but have not logged in for a very long time as did not really have much time to play games. Now that I'm back to being single, got some time for space station building in the evenings My oversight! Did not notice there was another dependency! All works like a charm now! Thanks for your support and and for bringing one of my favorite mods back alive!
  2. Hmm, maybe you can help me then. For some reason I can't get the camera to work. It simply does nothing, there is no window or anything neither when trying to dock with set as target, nor in any menu. as if i have a plane vanilla game. At first I installed docking cam and dependables through CKAN, but later reinstalled by pulling latest versions of all 3 mods from your github and still nothing. Game version is Also don't know how to attach log file, so copy-pasted it to spoiler below. Thank you! [Log file in spoiler deleted by a moderator]
  3. patiently, well impatiently waiting! docking cam+alignment was one of the best modes dating back to 0.9 if i remember correctly. hopefully you'll make it work for 1.7.2! anyways - great work from you!