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  1. I would likely be a modeler if I did mods... would look to a coder to help it out.. lol
  2. Thank you for your continued care for this mod. I have not had a chance to test it out, but glad to know it works and you have an upgrade in the works. If I had more time and skill I would try my hand at modding...
  3. Yeah, was hoping to avoid that kind of time sink though. But thankfully I keep not only backups of the zipped mods, but also which were installed so I can easily just work from that list ( I have dl'ed mods but not used all of them). Syrius
  4. Hmmm I will see if I can sort out a more specific issue. I am not sure if there is a mod interaction issue or not. I may try removing Construction Time and see what that does as I forgot that is something relatively new the mods I use. Syrius
  5. So I am not sure if this is an MJ error or not, and or what I can provide or look into to find out. When playing KSP 1.8.1 I will be playing and all of a sudden right clicking on a part wont bring up the interactive UI and the toolbar on the side of the screen has like 50+ MJ Toolbar icons. None of which do anything they just self-replicate down the page. I can provide a screenshot if that will help. The only way I have found to fix it is to shut down the game and reboot it. This issue has repeated itself across 3 different satellites (2 around Kerbin, 1 around the Mun). The only thing I have been doing that I could think of that may be triggering it is using MJ for maneuvers, and timewarping to the next node. Thoughts? Syrius
  6. Will do. I am collecting the last few mods I need to complete my set and then will give it a test run.
  7. It is what I thought as well... but like all things was going to test it out. I will give an update if for whatever reason it has an issue.
  8. Any updates on if this mod works on 1.8.1? I am planning to try it within the next several days but thought I would check before I did.
  9. I get behind the whole I don't want to line your pockets at my expense, and I hate that companies monetize my data. Has anyone thought or is there a way to write a program that can be configured to look at this type of DNS info and then send randomized, factitious, data that is 100% incorrect. Even to the point that it gives data not even relevant to the pull. ie; Sex: plant Age: 1,200 Time played: -927 hours CPU: Abacus RAM: 1kb Internet Connection: 1kb OS: Crayons You all get the idea. If they want to collect data, just give them a bunch of BS they can't use. I am not a programmer so I have no clue if this is even possible. Also, it does not decrease the use of your bandwidth and would likely eat up computing cycles as the program would be the middle man between the program and the reporting so it could feed false data.
  10. zer0Kerbal, I can confirm the part I was looking for was part of Rockets Emporium. The part is the RB-3 Rover Lander. If you use the Structural Tubing mod with to create landers for rovers it is pretty nice. Syrius
  11. What is KJE? Do you mean KJR (Kerbal Joint Reinforcement)? If so, yes totally get KJR.
  12. Thanks, although I am not really interested in the robotics. I prefer Infernal Robotics to cover that. They have a more diverse set or parts, with tweak scale they can be adjusted in size for any craft. I was more looking for the landing pod/carrier/thingie. Which I still have yet to confirm is with the above mentioned mod. Life. Infernal Robotics - Next
  13. Hey zer0Kerbal, Hmmm I will have to check that one out tonight as I am currently at work. I know I used to have that in 1.6X, not sure if I got it for the current version. Syrius
  14. I had a mod that gave parts that were used on Mars rovers. The specific part I am looking for is the deploy-able triangle like case that was used for the Spirit lander. The mod was active up to at least 1.6X. Does anyone happen to know the mod that I am talking about and the name of it? Syrius