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  1. WOOOOOT. IT is a shame I am not to knowledgable on modeling and skinning... over wise I might want to collaborate with you on some stuff. Maybe I should take a crack at learning how too.
  2. Woot first! Excited to see how this mod turns out in game.
  3. The Devs for KSP 2 said that KSP 1 will continue on its own path and will continue to be supported. They are currently working 1.8 at the time of their response.
  4. Here is my question, and don't get me wrong I am excited about the idea of KSP 2. However, why drop 2 DLC's and get money from said DLC's when you clearly are well into development of KSP 2? I mean seriously what was the thought there if not a money grab. If it was not a money grab it could have simply been an update to the game or things you rolled out with KSP 2. UPDATE: Okay so development will continue on KSP 1 and it will continue to get updates. The DLC's for the game are not nearly as egregious as they intend to keep the two products on their own dev tracks.
  5. Linux I need to learn how to model and skin, so you can code.. lol. Any luck with the ERS? Syrius
  6. Does the Exploration Rover System by ASET even work? I loved the look of it but given its age.... Linux does the mod work on 1.6.1 and later? Syrius
  7. I did not know that about Linux... He is one of my go to sources. I love his stuff. Also good to know about the HLV. Will have to download it. I was working with Silent on mods... basically converting NASA stuff into designs he could build from. At the time I was working at NASA. Syrius
  8. Well one could hope.. I wonder if it is something else Linux will take over. It was an interesting mod. Silentvelcro seems to have gone as well. He also had some great mods.
  9. Is this mod dead?
  10. Hey Silent, 

    Are you still managing your mods and keeping them going? Miss seeing your work, would hate to see your pieces go away.

  11. I do use 2 monitors, and after following your directions that fixed it immediately. I must have somehow dragged it off screen. Thank you for your help and damn near immediate support. Syrius
  12. The odd thing is I have not added any new mods to my game in months. And until a couple of weeks ago everything was fine. I uninstalled all mods except HyperEdit and Squad and the "Ship Lander" function is still not popping up. Is there a key that toggles the function?
  13. Has anyone had this below issue: I am on KSP 1.4.5 (holding out for certain mods to update before I update). Hyperedit was working fine but suddenly the "Ship Lander" option stopped working. I can click on the button and nothing. All of the other functions seem perfectly fine. I have even loaded older saved games where the "Ship Lander" function was fine but it does not change anything. Am I missing a toggle or something that prevents the pop-up from loading or something? I am willing to give logs, although someone who have to help me with what they need and how to get it (if it is not found on Google or Youtube.). Syrius
  14. Solved my own issue and do not know how to delete my own posts.