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  1. Why yes, of course. My intentions was to notify the developers of a small thing to put on the list of needed polishing, and seeing how nobody else mentioned it (at least that's what my search came up with) I could only assume that it was a glitch that ended up falling through bug catching.\ Full respect for all!
  2. Kerbal's Log, date of 4/2/2017 at time 2:55 PM Central Standard Time. After conducting a, *ahem*, Prestigious Part Test Project for a good number of companies, Jebediah Kerman happened to look out the window of his test-rocket, and noticed a flaw in the space-time continuum. From underwater, he could peer out and see the Island Runway, through the water, through the island, in perfect detail. This was a traumatically scarring moment for the Kerbal, as he slowly started to realize his largest internal fear- that the world was being slowly torn apart. He snapped a picture of the anomaly before promptly passing out and requiring intense mental reparation care. Oh dear. Of course, as the good Players and Developers of this game, we know the world isn't collapsing, but we also know that Kerbals love to take things to the extreme. So, after including a slight memory alteration in Jeb's mental reparation, I confiscated the image. However, I am not knowledgeable if it is a slight error in my own personal installation, or if it's a slight error in the actual game code. Either way, Kerbal Space Program deserves to be polished, so we can all enjoy the perfection of a game that it is. KSP Version: What Happens: Island Runway is visible from underwater Mods / Add-Ons: None Steps to Replicate: 1. Build a rocket that can reach Kerbin's waters with the Island Runway in line of sight that will allow the camera to go underwater. 2. Look towards the island. Result: Visible Island runway Fixes/Workarounds: None that I am aware of, as it is a visual bug. I suppose you could look away. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: