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  1. Hmm I would check that out but I would probably use a less resource intensive mod-pack like Stock visual enhancements or boulder co. Even though my computer can handle it I just prefer SVE. Spectra is beautiful though I love it 100% especially the Laythe clouds.
  2. Is there a way to replace the new Mk1/3 Command Pod interior with the old Mk1/2 Command Pod interior?
  3. does it glitch out? but I will try thanks friend
  4. Can there be a working Tweakscale for 1.8.1 listed?
  5. I love this mod so much!!!!!!!!! mwah mwah mwah "Insert praising and kissing sound here" Oh yeah sorry for the low res skybox.
  6. @Kobymaru can you please fix the lag spikes for the 1.8 version please? thanks.
  7. Thank you friend for this wonderful utility mod! I use this a lot whenever I am making large vessels or replicas of real or proposed space vehicles. I enjoy this very much!
  8. This is literally copy of the EVE example @Snark @Waz https://spacedock.info/mod/2258/Graphics assembly
  9. From the gameplay footage, I'd say yes because kerbol looks smaller indicating that kerbin is larger as well as kerbol.
  10. Damn That's a big mod, and those gorgeous visuals. Too bad this mod has not been noticed by many. I have not yet tried out this mod for myself but it looks outstanding!