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  1. Damn That's a big mod, and those gorgeous visuals. Too bad this mod has not been noticed by many. I have not yet tried out this mod for myself but it looks outstanding!
  2. Hello @Galileo I was just curious, since the new unity upgrade with Kerbal Space Program 1.8 with the performance improvements, How will this affect Stock Visual Enhancements and all the other visual mods as a whole. Will this be the same with the 1.4/ Making History update or will the mods not be effected unless if there are part texture updates like old pre 1.7 skybox texture mods and pre 1.5 suit mods. Thanks if you do end up on replying and have a nice day! Sincerely Dove Agency aka Edward3020 PS I have not finalized on a darn username, that's just not my thing.
  3. Here's my submission, I know this uses mods but i'd thought I'd submit them anyways. These pictures are free to use just credit the creator aka me. Thanks and have a nice day flying rockets or whatever you guys are doing! https://imgur.com/92eV3T9 https://imgur.com/sxH7mEy
  4. Scatterer probably because of the lines on jool
  5. The fuel drained from one side of the tanks i put on and the others wont pump fuel into it. It's so weird.
  6. Almost Every link is either broken or not found.
  7. Hello @TriggerAu Thank you for this useful utility mod I have just installed this mod and I enjoy it's features. It is very handy for what I do In Kerbal Space Program. Also I am just curious, if and when are you going to update the mod Transfer Window Planner? I do know it works on the most recent update but I might sometimes get a this mod is incomparable with this version of this game please use Variable version message. Thanks Friend and have a nice day! Ps I am not a bot and I just want to be polite.
  8. This video can speak for itself and the log is inside the video description. Thanks if you can fix this. I believe it is the collision mesh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cRajGArS_U
  9. Hello @pjf for installing RO for ksp I have the trouble of when I want to install it for 1.2 or 1.1.3, It always has the mod for 1.3 and not for the version that i'm on. Could there be a fix please? I don't want mod incompatibility in my gamedata.
  10. My tip for you. Nukes "Engines LV-N" and liquid fuel tanks. ONLY LIQUID FUEL NERVs DON"T REQUIRE OXYDISER.