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  1. Thanks for the help. Couldn’t they just link the email along side so you can copy the link?
  2. I’m trying to contact support when it goes onto a separate application without either showing me the email so I can copy it or submitting it via there site. I don’t want to have to sign up for another mail service.
  3. I can’t believe that private division won’t just give me the darn email. I’m trying to close my KSP account for personal reasons and this is how I’m supposed to do it? If anyone can link me there email that would be great.
  4. I was taking jeb out for a ride on a clean install of ksp 1.11.1 and ejected him because why not and there was a weird static sound playing when i was focusing on a kerbal on eva. Any word on how to fix this?
  5. I get these rarely. I don't like to do screenshots because I have to share by Imgur and that's a hostile place so I can find the error file next to the KSP_x64.exe in the folder. the file is KSP_x64.gc. It has the same text as the title minus the situation explaining.
  6. I only have Kerbal Engineer Redux Mechjeb, and Module Manger 4.1.4 on KSP 1.10. I was sending Jeb to the Mun and the game crashed with that error message I got on a text file.
  7. Is there a way I can upload galleries and images without using imgur? From what i've seen the people have been generally rude when I post images for the KerbalX site. I know the mod can but it's very limited. I recently deleted my account because it's basically the same as reddit. And I found no use for it.
  8. Can there be a patch for the rapier vfx please because my Frances are tanking and I can’t individually select the engine particles with the smoke screen mod. I know how to use them but it’s just messy. Is there like a patch available for this bug please? I really want to use this mod but don’t want this happening.
  9. I think it's the mod. I had that happen just now and before and it's annoying as hell.
  10. Hello Mods. I hope your having a nice day but I'm wondering if you guys and gals can deactivate my account please so I can start a new one. There is nothing wrong with this account and it's just because this account is rather old. Since you can not change usernames more than twice sort of leaves my username looking rather goofy. If the mods of these forums can contact me by mail and or here would be appreciated. Thanks for the help if any.
  11. Whilst I love that to happen I'd have to say that won't happen for a LONG TIME. People have lives and there is a global pandemic that we'd all love to forget about that is ruining everyone's lives. Just be patient and there'd might just be an update coming out. Maybe a few months but that's an optimistic approach at least. The mod still works with the newest version though but with some bugs that can be overshadowed for the "average" player.
  12. I was wondering what is the delta v for going into orbit and the specific thrust to weight ratio and medium to small lander examples? I am new to Eve but I have been to other planets though. I have sent probes and failed Landers btw.
  13. Why can't I attach 2 joint sockets together like in this video but I have to have a hinge? If possible could there be a patch fixing this issue? These hinges have limited rage and the sockets had longer range
  14. Is there a breaking ground and making history expansion version of this? I would like to have a shiny vostok
  15. Hmm I would check that out but I would probably use a less resource intensive mod-pack like Stock visual enhancements or boulder co. Even though my computer can handle it I just prefer SVE. Spectra is beautiful though I love it 100% especially the Laythe clouds.
  16. Is there a way to replace the new Mk1/3 Command Pod interior with the old Mk1/2 Command Pod interior?
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