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  1. what about the new antenna that were added during 1.2.2
  2. Trekkie148

    [KSP 1.4.4] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.73 "Warpspeed"]

    @themaster401 could you fix the fps rate with Duna please because the frame rate drops by a lot on even 2k and 4k textures
  3. Trekkie148

    [KSP 1.4.4] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.73 "Warpspeed"]

    Hey um but could the ckan version for 1.4.4 be fixed please because I have an issue on where ckan kicks me out when I select astronomer's visual pack 8k textures and it says this mod is dependent on Astronomer's visual pack which is not currently updated for this current version of the game. Thanks
  4. Trekkie148

    [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.4

    Hey um I'm using @Avera9eJoe's exelent Windowshine mod that adds reflections to parts and there semes to be a glitch on where the command pods would be like a ghost and not be there and that you can see stuff like the antenna that I hid underneath the pod. I don't know if your awhere of this. Also I'm using game version 1.4.4 of Kerbal space program and this mod has been dead for a long time and I want Windowshine Soo badly. Thanks.
  5. OK thanks. Could you please communicate with @HaArLiNsH to see if they can fix the glitch please and soon? This mod has been sitting down for a while
  6. When can the cockpits having a ghost look in flight be fixed? @Avera9eJoe
  7. Trekkie148

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.2 (6.7.2018)

    I think Rage Machine's version of texture replacer has reflections working.
  8. I'm using this version 1.4.4 because also the 1.2 uses texture replacer.
  9. Could you fix the 1.2.0 version to have working windows please because that is the only one that works for 1.4 and texture replacer. Thanks @Avera9eJoe
  10. Trekkie148

    Graphic Mods for KSP 1.4.1 Installation Guide

    when I remove the Large RCS tank the game does not read it
  11. Trekkie148

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.2 (6.7.2018)

    ok thanks for letting me know. I do hope it gets fixed soon!
  12. Trekkie148

    [1.4.x] TextureReplacer 3.2 (6.7.2018)

    um when I loaded the game with Texture Replacer I don't see any visor reflections. Odd
  13. Hey everyone. I'm thinking of doing Realism Overhaul and RSS and I know it comes with a crap ton of mods and I want to try them all out. I am really needing help on how to remove the painful loading screen. Thanks
  14. Trekkie148

    [1.4.3] Kopernicus (Release 2) - May 6

    So Sorry for being an stupid person. I do hate myself already. what is it with these auto correct??? I was calling myself an [word removed by moderator]