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  1. I installed the mod correctly and some parts work fine in the game but I don't see the mechjeb pod. I need help to see if I can find a way to get the mod fully working please? Thanks very much!
  2. The kerbcam.dll and those 2 other files. Can you leave a folder with these 2 stuff please?
  3. Can you please leave a link of the source folder that works for ksp 1.3 please?
  4. I did that and when I launched an aircraft I did not see the Kerbcam tab appearing
  5. Can you leave a source folder of kerbcam that works for 1.3 please? I don't know what folder to put in the gamedata folder.
  6. I might need help installing this mod. I have 1.3 and I install this correctly but only the city lights appear. Can I have some help please?
  7. Nevermind it crashes the game when I install it I don't know how others got it to work in KSP 1.3 and I would want some help please. I do look at the other posts but I don't seem to find anything usefull. I hate my spelling.
  8. Damn I always forget. Thank you!
  9. I want to use this mod for a up coming film on my channel and I want to use this for 1.3 so can you please update it to the recent version please?
  10. Can you please update this popular mod for ksp 1.3 please? I wan't to check out this mod so badly!
  11. Here?
  12. Actually it's ok. The tab does show but it's white. It works perfectly fine though
  13. I have it installed in 1.3 but when I download it from SpaceDock I don't see the tab