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  1. can you please make this compatible with Vens stock remap plz?
  2. @linuxgurugamer can you please recompile this for 1.3.1 please like a Kerbpaint Continued, Kerbpaint kind of works for 1.3.1 but all parts turn purple, The tab as well the key pad to enable the tab work, It's just the color won't come on. Thanks and I appreciate it a lot!
  3. Um I did that video's instructions but the effects don't work and That is kind of outdated also I have a mac
  4. Here is a installation video made by Steve Ancona! Thanks Steve! but there is no video... OMG! I am so sorry for bugging you! Here! Thank you so much! The original one on curse is bugged. Thanks Kraken.
  5. Um do I place the files into my gamedata or the ksp folder?
  6. Yo I did but there were several links... I'd tried to find the one with a video on how to install it but I could not find one sorry. umm not this
  7. can you please tell me which download link please?
  8. Thanks but can someone make a demonstration video on how to install it? please
  9. The download is sniped from dropbox and spaceport does not exsist anymore
  10. The New Monoliths (Spoilers)

    Hyperedit quardnets?
  11. BlueHarvest ENB Series +GEM-FX

    Um this mod looks beutifull but I am having a very hard time installing this mod. I use 1.3.0 and I install it correctly, Idk what I am doing wrong. Could someone please help me.
  12. how to go to planets for noobs but thanks!
  13. Thanks for the mod but I was just wondering if there is an interplanetary guide around here for the pack?
  14. [1.1.3] Kerbal Animation Suite

    ok thank you for continuing this mod! this was sent in late
  15. [1.3.1] Kerbal Animation Suite Continued

    my request have been made!