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  1. Hey guys! So I've been wondering recently, what is the purpose of a shuttle, such as the stock Dynawing? I can't see that that particular rig affords any advantage over a standard rocket, except the recoverable aspect I guess. And also for the Dynawing in particular, why does it have those useless tanks I-beamed into the cargo bay? Probably stupid questions all, but I really cant figure it out.
  2. Sweet. Been thinking about installing those two. Alright then guys, thank you!
  3. Alright!!! That's what I'm talking about @Just Jim!! Also that's a rad user pic So yeah, the message I'm getting is that I've completely overestimated the power of aerodynamics. My inner drive for realistic game play cringes at the sight of the skycrane approach, but I still wanna get friggen huge things into space, so it might not matter. The only other thing I'm wondering is, is there some really good mod that allows actual construction of craft via Kerbal EVA?
  4. Show me. I don't want just words in reply, I'd love some pics, part recommendations, the works! Thanks though, sorry i should have been more clear.
  5. Hey guys! So I'm back from a long break, and I have this question begging to get answered: I see large rigs like the stock Crater Crawler, and I wonder to myself, how the heck do you deploy something that huge? It doesn't fit the biggest fairings available, so what gives It's not even assembled in LKO, there's no docking seams! So tell me: how do you (in vanilla KSP) get something really huge up there and working?
  6. Hey KSP Forum! I am, quite simply, looking for a pre-built Saturn V replica to fly. That's just about it; I've just installed MechJeb2, Hyperedit, and a sick transfer window grapher, and I want a nicely complicated mission to test all the new swag out with, plus show the game off to a few friends and maybe get them interested. Whatcha got?
  7. Yup, wrong version. I guess i assumed I had the latest version and didn't look. Thanks!
  8. Yes, neither the button or the alt+H ways work. The Kerbaltek folder is inside the GameData folder next to the Squad one. When will the issue be fixed?
  9. Downloaded HyperEdit, not sure where in the file hierarchy it's supposed to go? Running on a mac
  10. Hey, so looking at doing a Duna mission myself, and liking the idea of testing it from the Duna end backwards. Where do I get HyperEdit?
  11. Hmmm, well this certainly gives me a lot to chew on! I think I'm gonna follow the general advice of this discussion and just try some stuff. I think that all the numbers in this game are scaring me off the "just build a friggen big rocket and shoot it off" approach, but its looking like everyone does that, so that's good enough for me! I'm also thinking about getting a mod or two. I wanted to play vanilla for as long as possible, but these fancy dV calculators and such are too tempting!
  12. Hello KSP Community! So in the course of a science game of mine, I've become really, really tired of playing around in my own little corner of the solar system. I've built a Mun orbiting space station, landed a couple of times on the Mun, and flown more refueling probes to the Mun than I care to count. I want to go to Duna. The question is, what does it take to get there? Manned or unmanned, I'm interested in both types of mission... but what does a typical Duna mission look like, and is it complicated? Thanks in advance, I know y'all are an awesome community who'll respond in a helpful way. Grafdog
  13. Well, the plane tops out at around 380m/s as mentioned. That's at full throttle, which I keep it at when flying since the point is to mill science fast and move on to better parts of the game. When I find the drop zone, I figure out its approximate altitude on kerbnet, set my drogue to fully deploy at only 100m or so above that, and my mk1 to only 50m above. Then I take another pass as low as ever I can, and keeping speed at around 150m/s, drop, and start circling immediately. Works like a charm.
  14. After a little more testing (been busy building space stations with onboard labs; turns out that gives me all the science I need), I've worked out that I can drop the probes from really low and keep them intact most every time in vanilla KSP. It's been really fun trying different setups out, and I've really enjoyed hearing from y'all, you're a super great community for a newbie to come into. I think this thread has about covered the topic though, so until next time, thank you all so much! grafdog