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  1. I'm having some minor issues with these wings. For whatever reason, KJR doesn't seem to work on this mod, so even small three meter wings flop around like wet noodles, and even when using rigid attach and auto-strut, I find my wings getting sheared off at around 1km/s and 20km altitude. The other annoying issue I'm experiencing is when I'm making wings, if I try to add another PWing on one I've already attached to my vessel, I only get one chance to edit the second wing and then I can't edit it again. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod a couple of times and my problems persist. I tried looking through the thread and I couldn't find anyone else having any similar issues.
  2. Well, there went about 8GB worth of mods down the drain for me lol. I'm was playing the game as if it has version 1.2.6 of Kerbalism installed, as I missed 1.2.7 while I was playing MKS with base building, after I saw some of the changes from the previous versions, I decided to start playing Kerbalism again and I remember back in 1.2.6 when you harvested the Kerbalism greenhouse, it would highlight containers you could dump the food into as if you were transferring Kerbals, and if the container you selected didn't have enough capacity for 2500 units, it wouldn't flow over to other containers and you'd lose whatever couldn't be stored. Since I restarted a fresh game, I hadn't had the chance to see if the way harvesting the greenhouse has changed at all, so I warned the other user based on my previous experience of dumping food into a container not big enough to store the full harvest.
  3. Little hard to make a warp ship when you haven't researched the technology yet lol. Besides, I only have the stock system installed. This crappy laptop barely runs if I'm close to any planet with Kerbol Star System installed.
  4. That's not a feasible approach for those of us with low-end computers. I have issues with lagging with craft that have 110 parts. It would take 167 active shields alone to protect a craft, and that's not including everything you need to actually make your craft with. See the problem there?
  5. Well, the way the greenhouse works, once it's closed it simply halts plant growth altogether, you have to disable them in high rad environments because they're technically a habitat space on the craft, and the more active habitats during a high rad environment, the more radiation your crew faces. I only suggested the automatic on/off on high rad environments because it's something that could be easily forgotten about as ShotgunNinja himself explained that the disabling of habitats to protect the crew from CME's are the least intuitive / touched upon aspect of Kerbalism.
  6. I kinda over-looked this at first before I came up with an idea. Would it be entirely possible to code the Greenhouse to automatically be shut off in the presence of a CME or high radiation environment, then automatically turn back on once the CME has passed or upon exit of a high radiation environment, sort of like how radiators have automatic cooling? Leaving a greenhouse exposed in those situations wouldn't just slow down growth, it'd kill all the plants off, so that automatic shut off / turn on would kinda simulate protecting the plants, and more importantly help protect the crew just in the case you forget the Greenhouse is a habitat and (like me) you don't see them because you have them stowed away in cargo bays.
  7. @ShotgunNinja I almost forgot, the name of SCO of NH3 to N2 could be shortened to SCOA Process (Pronounced SKO-AH), and I think a better description would be the full name of the process "Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Ammonia to Nitrogen and Water Vapor" then the next line down of the description would be "Passes Ammonia and Oxygen through a heated ZSM-5 Catalyst, which decays into Nitrogen and Water Vapor." Not a lot of people know NH3 is the formula for Ammonia, so this for the description might help people understand what the process is for. Since Zeolite Socony Mobil-5 (ZSM-5) has been around since the late 60's, maybe also move the SCOA Process unlock to Meta-Materials (Or the tech level equivalent for Stock, can't remember off the top of my head, it's been a long while since I played completely stock) to give players a fighting chance at interplanetary missions without having to pack extra Nitrogen Tanks in their craft (My biggest problem being part counts. I can plan and run a mission without a Nitrogen generator, but the part counts start stacking up and I take large performance hits). Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus only has so much science before you really need to branch out to other planets to keep getting a flow of Science.
  8. I kinda hope that at some point @ShotgunNinja sets up a Tech Tree node unlock so that ECLSS and the Chemical Plants can be interchangeable. As in, if you intend on having a lot of manned pods, you can select processes that are normally in the CP's as ECLSS processes, and if you plan on having a single manned pod, you could use the CP's to have ECLSS processes to make up for not having more than one manned pod.
  9. The real problem is that if you select a container that doesn't have storage capacity of at least 2500 units of food in the container you selected, you lose whatever units couldn't be stored. I had to find that out the hard way, now I keep my food and water storage separate to ensure I don't make the same mistake, as well as disable crossfeed on food containers I don't want to be touched until the first one I want emptied does. And yeah, I had several missions go down the drain before I read up on how to survive CME's, then I just started setting up 4 manned modules for ECLSS redundancy and kept the other three modules disabled to keep shielding weight down and got into the habit of just building that way and forgot why I did that in the first place.
  10. @ShotgunNinja That's my bad on the symbol, I'm so used to seeing a symbol like that referring to electricity from all the danger signs I see that I forgot in Kerbalism it's the Storm Symbol. So that was an error in my explanation. I also forgot about the disabling habitats as well because I have a really bad habit of always using the OTP K Shuttle Cockpit as being the only real living quarters for my vessels, then having the two OPT J Crewtanks and Mobile Lab (Use them as extra ECLSS modules that still function without the need of the habitat being enabled) being disabled until I get to a place to do science.
  11. That's where Dres comes in handy. Just get into orbit until half an hour of the CME, then land and stay on the night side and that should shield you from a CME, unless I'm overlooking the fact that being landed on the dark side of a planet doesn't actually protect you from a CME with this mod.
  12. @aluc24 It's tedious, but it's not just because of CME's. Those pose the biggest threat to space travel, especially since Lead and Faraday Cages only protect so well without having about a meter of shielding between you and the radiation, but it makes sense to send your refineries and supplies separately to conserve the weight of your ship for better fuel efficiency and thrust to weight ratio. Alternatively, you can bypass the radiation and the need to bring copious amounts of supplies if you use Deep Freeze.
  13. Sending a single ship would be impossible, you'd need to send an entire refinery first to one of Jool's moons (preferably unmanned, meaning you're going to need a CommNet set up in advance of that) as well as to your target planet, then send any supplies you could potentially use to make refilling and refueling faster, then send your ship or an SSTO to land, or have a ship with a reusable and refuelable lander that can dock to your main ship. The thing that bothers me most is it seems like Kerbalism's advanced difficulty settings are gone out of the pause menu, and I could've sworn that Map Mode and the Tracking Stations used to tell you when the next CME would occur in previous Kerbalism versions, but I might be remembering wrong.
  14. You know Jool has an absolutely enormous Magnetosphere, right? a vast majority of its moons' orbits are actually inside of its magnetosphere, you could easily land on one of them and be protected from a CME, as well as say gather ore and other resources to refill your Oxygen, CO2, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Liquid Fuel, Oxidizer, and Monopropellent while you wait for the CME to pass, then carry on your way to any planet beyond Jool, or wait there until you get a good window to travel to the outer planet you want.
  15. I don't find anything wrong with it, it's a real life problem that prevents us from exploring the solar system, you have to take into account the radiation the sun puts out, as well as any radiation belts you have to pass through, as well as having to dance around CME's. Wait until ShotgunNinja puts in different types of radiation and having to worry about specific shielding for each type of radiation you'll have to face.