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  1. Thank you all for your replies, I did not think I will get so many responses From most of the comments I can see that it is a game element to plot your manuevers in real time. I guess after some time you gain the experience how to get into orbit the most efficient way. For me currently what very frustrating is that after launching the rocket I have to check the orbital view, plot navigation trajectory, screw it up, delete the trajectroy, select another navigation node, plot a new trjectory, go back to the rocket and steer the rocket to target....but then your first stage ran out of fuel..... As some of you have mentioned before, you see it as a game element, but I feel that slowing down time or have an active pause would help to put rockets more efficently to orbit as you have more time to tweak your trajectory. And I guess in real life people also don't start to plan their rocket flight right after ignition
  2. I'm relatively new to KSP, but I have already put 47 hours into it. It is amazing game, but there is one element that frustrates me the most --> no trajectory planning or at least able to slow down time or have an active pause option where I can plot my orbit. It is really cumbersome to fly, keep the rocket in control and plan the trajectory at an orbital view, while everything happening in real time.... So I wish if there would be at LEAST an option to slow down time in the game. Is this possible to consider this option to implement it in the game or is there a mod that already exist? (I could not find one only autopilot mode, which is not what I'm looking for)