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  1. @SuicidalInsanity Your MK3 and MK2 mod is cool。 I will trying to translate them into Chinese. It should be done soon. After I finished, I uploaded it directly to GitHub?
  2. @AceaFeline Utility Rovers已经更新,包含了中文版。
  3. FUR的翻译算作3个人共同进行吧,还有vosskftw和ssd21345两位也在翻译,他们还没有完全完成。说实话我昨天第一次在这里发帖啊,都没注意前面的帖子,不知道这两位已经在翻译了。因为明天又要出差,我昨天半夜赶着翻译完就上传了,看到作者回复才知道已经有人在翻译了……

  4. First of all, I should be sorry for not contacting you in advance. For the sake of work, I haven't been sure when I can complete the translation. I don't have a very good idea of how to deal with the present situation. But I think no matter which translation will be adopted,it will enable Chinese players to use the Chinese version of MOD.
  5. 作者回复貌似前面也有几个人翻译了部分内容,所以他在纠结于到底如何处理现在的情况。我应该怎么回答呢?说实话我这渣英语发帖都是用百度翻译的……
  6. @Nils277 ”Feline Utility Rovers “ Chinese translation was uploaded to github。It takes about 2 weeks,I hope it will be useful. PS:my english is not good,if there are some syntax error, pleas esxcuse
  7. @Nils277 I'm trying to translate "Feline Utility Rovers", now is translated about 80%.but can you tell me what does zhe“cck“ mean?("cck-Rover",“cck-lifesupport”) and zhe“kanister” is “canister” with ”K"? and,for my guess,zhe words after ”xxxxxx.tags=“ is ”key words“ for search(filter) parts in VAB & SPH?
  8. 我在试着联系Feline Utility Rovers的作者,弄了半天帖子终于发出去了。就是不知道作者能不能看懂我写的”英文“……
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