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  1. 30 minutes ago, Nils277 said:

    @Levin845 Thanks a lot for the translation!
    You guessed right about the canister and the tags. The ckk-*** is specific for the CCK mod and should be left unchanged.

    I am kind of in an awkward situation right now because @ssd21345 and @vosskftw also said to translate FUR into Chinese and @ssd21345 already posted translations for the Kerbetrotter and the KSPedia texts. Also both are started work on the translation for the parts.

    I truly don't know what i should do here at the moment. It would be really unfair to pass over the translation of anyone of you because you already put a lot of time into it. I also can't decide at all which translations is better or more accurate. Just mixing all would also not work here because there might be some things that just might not fit together.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to handle this and at best find a solution that is kinda satisfiable for everyone? I'm happy about every idea.

    PS: I'M sorry that i did not remove the request for help for the Chinese translation earlier to prevent this problem. I'm currently on a business trip and did not have time to do it earlier.

    First of all, I should be sorry for not contacting you in advance. For the sake of work, I haven't been sure when I can complete the translation.

    I don't have a very good idea of how to deal with the present situation.

    But I think no matter which translation will be adopted,it will enable Chinese players to use the Chinese version of MOD.:sticktongue:


  2. @Nils277

    I'm trying to translate "Feline Utility Rovers", now is translated about 80%.but can you tell me what does zhe“cck“ mean?("cck-Rover",“cck-lifesupport”)

    and zhe“kanister” is “canister” with ”K"?:confused:

    and,for my guess,zhe words after ”xxxxxx.tags=“  is ”key words“ for search(filter) parts in VAB & SPH