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  1. Good day to you all! I noticed something which I haven't noticed before. When passing the 160km boundary around Kerbin there is a sharp shift in the color of the planet. Gradually as I'm rising from low Kerbin orbit the planet, or perhaps primarily its atmosphere (?), gets "grayer" until the 160km boundary is passed when the planet all of a sudden dramatically changes its look into the more vibrant blue I've come to associate with AVP. This look is then the one which the planet maintains until it just becomes a pale blue dot Going the other way, from above to below 160km, the same is true. I've tried this on multiple clean installs (1.3.1) using ckan on some and doing it manually on others, all of them with the latest versions of both AVP and its dependencies. I've tried to add all the mods in one go or one at a time with a startup of the game in between without any luck. Do any of you fine folk here recognize this? If so any help or tips would be appreciated since I can't stop myself from being triggered seeing it. It completely shatters the immersion
  2. Not really Are you saying that you're getting the same error message but that you still have vessels failing at some point? Or that you're getting the same error message and that you aren't getting any failures? Are you getting part failures if you instead go through integration? I really hope to make this work, the last piece in my puzzle of a super awesome career mode challenge
  3. First of I must say, I really love this mod! Last time that it worked that is. A few versions ago this really gave my space program that little touch of "realism" I was looking for, but now for 1.3.1 I feel like my rockets arent failing me anymore I've tried it on a new, clean install of 1.3.1 with only BARIS installed on top of it but to no avail. The one thing I can see is the red message: exception: missingfieldexception: field 'wildblueindustries.barisbridge.msgbodybroken3' not found being posted in the console a few seconds into every launch. Has anyone else stumbled onto something like this? Maybe someone knows what this error message means?
  4. Good day to you all, I was wondering if somebody had tried the latest version of this with the 1.3.1 release of KSP and, if so, what the result was?
  5. Hey there, saw you asked about the Minmus textures, have you gotten any clarity on the subject? I'm seeing the same thing and the difference is pretty big. Also, for me, the flats are now the exact same texture as the rest of Minmus..
  6. Oooh, thanks, so pretty! Just out of curiosity, what are those three numbers connected to flareSettings and spikeSettings referring to? Would normally just fiddel with them but at this point my KSP install takes a good 15 min to start up which makes the trial and error approach a real hastle. Also, what streamer is that?
  7. Hey there, first off I want to say thanks for these awesome sunflares! It's amazing how much just one "tiny" thing can change the look of the game, superb work! I do however have a question. I'm running a heavily modded career and I haven't yet figured out if my "issue" is coming from the sunflare itself or from some strange interaction with some other mod I'm running but form the sunflares I've tried from this pack they all appear veeery big. Like there's almost no point in having the sun "in the shot" so to speak because I can barrely see anything else. The flares being so big also seems to highlight the pixelcount of the images used for creating it leading to it not looking very "crisp". Has anybody else noticed this or is it just my funky install? If it is a design choice then maybe somebody could direct me somewhere where the editing of sunflares is explained so that i could "shrink" it? Much appreciated komrads.
  8. Conserning the textures. It has been asked, and answered, plenty of times in the thread: on github there is a list of dependencies where the last one is AVP-Textures 1.3. Just click it and you'll have the option to choose between the 2-, 4- and 8k versions. Also, I love this pack!
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