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  1. For everyone interested, I figured it out. In order to freeze your hab and hone time, all of your kerbals have to be in colonization modules, even those that are immune (e.g. pilots). This renders it impossible to have e.g. the scientist in the colonization module while the pilot does something else. Much better to just stack hab time till you hit 50 years.
  2. That's not it. The Kerbal was inside the duna colonization module , the colony supplies were present, yet his hab and home clock went down just as fast as the other kerbal's who was in the normal habitation module. Truly, this makes long-term kolonization impossible
  3. Huzzah! After re-installing and redownloading everything, it's working now. The solution was as simple as it's stupid: Broken Windows security access rights. Although I executed KSP aas an admin, the game itself somehow wasnt allowed to change anything inside of the program files folder. I then re-installed steam and KSP in a different place and everything is working like a charm! Thanks a lot for your patience and suggestions!
  4. Well, I redownloaded GPP two times now, and tried starting... still the same problem. I have no idea why this is happening, never have I experienced any problems with various other mods, e.g. KSPIE or KIS and KAS. I'll reinstall KSp and report back to you.
  5. Dear Community, I require help getting this mod to work. Having explored every corner of the normal KSP solar system, I hoped to explore this pack, later adding KSPIE. However, I am currently caught in a strange bootloop. What I've done so far: 1, Clean KSP install, ran the game once. 2. Installed Kopernikus, ran it. 3. Installed GPP, game loaded fine. However, when starting a new game, the game never passed the loading screen. The little star system animation keeps playing, the game doesn't freeze, it doesn't progress either. Is there anything I can do to
  6. Hi there! This mod looks amazing! Has anyone made custom contracts for Extrasolar? Also, are all the biomes finished? How about KSPIE compatible resources? Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. Thank you! It's working! However, in the meantime I had deleted all associated mod files and had reinstalled Interstellar Extended. And now my refineries and reactors have empty control windows (the one that you open after you right-click the part and hit "open XY window". How can this be fixed? Sorry if I'm being stupid here
  8. Wait a moment. I can analyse the ocean of Laythe with the refinery and it has an ocean extraction option and you're telling me there is no way to extract water from this waterworld?
  9. Hi guys! I've been creeping a lot, however I have to ask something now. I'm trying to set up a refinery operations on Laythe where I want to extract the sea water and electrolyse it. However, when I splash down, the All-in-one Refinery does not have an extraction option and the refinery which has sea extraction does not allow me to do so. I have also tried drills and atmospheric scoops, however they didn't work either. How do I extract the water from oceans in the currect version? Thanks a lot!
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