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  1. After the recent update to Seti , I see that the solar pan3lwhave changed. I have a problem, i Cannot retract these new solar panels , the solar aray 1.2 KW and 2 KW parts. I can extend them but when i try to retract them , nothing happens. Also Remote tech stopped working with this new update. So i had to uninstall that. I could not get any contact with my probes anymore.
  2. When launching the Mk1 Pod , the heat-shield shows 0 ? Does this not have inbuilt heat-shield anymore?
  3. I cant get this tech tree to work. I have followed the intstuctions but i dont get the same layout as the picture at the first screen. help!?
  4. very cool! Cant wait to listen to what you come up with for the rockets
  5. very cool.. make it feel more .. spacy
  6. Here is mine, it has a lot of space to store , stuff... only have a couple of thug in the hangar bays atm. Awaiting further living habitat modules..
  7. Hollow Space station parts? Hi there, Im trying to find hollow space station parts, like hangar bay style. is there any out there ? I have found some carbo bay parts but those are mainly for space planes.
  8. foudn it.. sorry.. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=11653.0
  9. I like to build my rockets big! the larger the better! This is by far my most stable rocket. 8) Designed for probe deployment around the Mun and Mun landing. check out the photos!
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