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  1. Sorry if this has been answered in the thread, but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer on if scatterer doesn't play nice with Rescale, in particular the effect of losing the atmosphere while typically in near space. I could've sworn I've gotten it to work in the past (IIRC that was with a 3.2x Galileo's Planet Pack 1.4 save), but I haven't been able to replicate it, and now I'm attempting it in the stock KSP system. I also remember hearing some people resolve the issue. If that's not the case, then no worries. Just trying to find an answer on it. Thanks
  2. If it isn't taken, if you could change my name to Cobalt, that would be great. If not, CobaltShock is fine.
  3. Chapter 30 - Secret Project It has come to our attention that a mission has been planed & that a ship has been constructed under our noses. I'll give the details in a little bit Project Buckeye Ilios V -Jimeno Gaelan
  4. Am still trying to get a probe into orbit in my RO save (Mid 1955 ATM) was basically my first try with RP-0, and test flight has made it especially tough (AKA realistic) I finally had a successful simulation of getting a probe into orbit (and a bit extra topping out at 8km/s), but was met with 2 failures in actual launches. Currently I am onto Intrepid 4 (With 1-3 being failures), and I will post a picture once I finally get to orbit! EDIT: I DID IT! While this achievement is probably pretty weak compared to what there is to be done in RO/RP-O, I was so hyped to be
  5. Chapter 29 - Dreams Of Space Tourism As of right now, we're waiting between 2 things. One of these being a re-supply mission of Sunrise Station (within the next 100 days or so), and a probe arrival of Ilios V to Tellumo. We have 2,500,000 in the bank, and so we decided to go for a proposed tourism program going towards cheap flights for tourists to Iota and perhaps Ceti in the future. For the time being this only involves sight seeing, but in the future it could be a whole lot more. I present to you: The Horizons Program Horizons I Cygnus IV -Jimen
  6. Decade In Review Year 10, Day 20 With an incredible decade of space exploration now behind us, I wanted to reflect on what we've accomplished, our setbacks, and our breakthroughs. I'll go through by year on our biggest achievements or the major events that happened during these times. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 So, after this decade of many ups and downs, we have found ourselves in a stable part of our spa
  7. While launching the first long duration crew mission to Sunrise Station, I realized how amazing stations in orbit can look.
  8. Chapter 28 - End Of The Decade With us in the final stretch of year 9, I and the others who have worked in this program for quite some time are to reflect on what we've done in terms of space travel. Before then, we have 2 more important missions to undergo, including another manned launch to Sunrise Station. Cygnus III Artemis I *Programming Note* The "Decade In Review" blog entry will be out relatively shortly, and will detail the progress and setbacks we've had in the previous decade by each individual year and the programs tha
  9. Chapter 27 - Station Construction Greenhouse Module Life Support Module Sunrise Station Solar Array Cygnus II -Jimeno Gaelan
  10. While waiting for Sunrise Station to come into the right orbit, I pressed 4x physics warp instead of 50x warp, and so naturally the ship. Well..
  11. @KerikBalm The thing is that the hitchhiker storage container was that 4 tons. The reason the cost per ton to orbit was so low was because the upper stage was over-engineered. Counting the crew module & fuel that was intended to be used to rendezvous with the station, the weight was more like 8 or 9 tons. Counting in the 6 SRB's from the launch vehicle being recovered at what I remember was 5,000 a pop, and it's 70,000 for 9 tons to orbit. I didn't really need to bring the 3 man pod, but I wanted to test it at full capacity & run a tourism mission as well. If I had planned
  12. Chapter 26 - The Cygnus Program Cygnus I Ilios V Future missions will be geared towards launching modules to Sunrise Station. There is about 2,300,000 in the bank, and so we don't have to worry about funds for some time. -Jimeno Gaelan
  13. Some more station construction. Have the greenhouse, habitation and life support modules done. Just need a larger module on the side for more legroom for the occupants of the station, and then a major solar array on the top and then we're open for business I also got to work on a cheap direct ascent Iota lander to finish off our Nova program. This beauty can send 1 Gaelan to the surface of Iota and return for pretty cheap. Its cost of 160,000 beats the Nova Heavy B (220,000), and the old discontinued Nova Heavy (249,000). Likely not gonna fly until Sunrise Station is compl
  14. Sorry I'm sorta stalking your profile, but I was browsing through old posts on this thread & I kinda fell in love with your RSS/RO posts. What I was wondering is what mod allowed for the external tank? Is it a procedual parts texture pack? I'm guessing you may not remember off the top of your head, which I understand.
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