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  1. [1.3] Smart Parts Continued

    Is there a way I can find the 1.2.2 version? Smart Parts for 1.3.0 crashes the 1.2.2 game. I know it's Smart Parts because the game ran fine with any mod but Smart Parts, but crashed in a stock 1.2.2 game with it installed. Edit: Nevermind Got It
  2. What did you do in KSP today?

    Downloaded a new KSP save, my fifth one, this one being 6.4x Kerbol System
  3. Research and development has been focusing on a very big project. In the propulsion department, they believe they have come across it, and then, it was born. Chapter 10: The Atomic Age Begins The Grissom V is the first spacecraft to show off it's atomic capabilities. Costing only $135,000, it will do some extra science on Ceti, and mark the start of the Atomic Age. This middle stage has about 4k dV, making this type of fuel and propulsion incredibly powerful. We only ended up hitting one biome, since I used too much fuel trying to go for what I thought were the lowlands. We did a few more missions like this to Ceti, since we had the funds. We also hurled a probe towards Icarus! The Eros V had a whopping 15k dV, which sadly would not be enough to slow down at Icarus, but would instead make an incredibly fast flyby. We got fairly close, but not close enough to really see ground scatter. I sure love the colors of Icarus. Thanks Galileo and others! Icarus down, only Thalia to go for near Gael planets. I believe that a transfer is in about 1 year, but we may be busy with Niven stuff (we are in year 6 btw) A shot of the Grissom VI, quite the efficient spacecraft With the invention of Atomic and Nuclear power, we are making bigger and better spacecrafts! Who knows what will happen next time once a Niven transfer rolls around!
  4. Thanks! That spacecraft was a huge project. Worth it though!
  5. What did you do in KSP today?

    Just played KSP so long it would freeze for 30 seconds when it auto saved. It crashed upon exiting from the main menu. Granted I left the game on while watching a movie, it's still a long time.
  6. Well, I have finally gotten enough time (and lack of procrastination) to update this career save. Once big projects roll around, what used to be one day projects become multi day projects, and balancing other things in life doesn't help out too much. I present to you: Chapter 9: Making The Public Interested As mentioned in the leak, the program has been designing giant spacecraft boosters, capable of carrying large payloads. This meant that we would have to get our funds from somewhere. Several campaigns were released to get the public interested in space travel. These include the following: While these projects may have never come true, these really interested the public, and the funds started pouring in. Station One was completed, and it was quite the time to be alive. And now, the big mission was prepared. The release mentioned before led to some incredible hype for space exploration, and the Glenn II was born This massive spacecraft was prepared to flyby Niven with 3 crew, marking the first crewed interplanetary travel. But this was not what happened After the first stage had separated, a large explosion occurred that would only be described as devastating *Boom!* The exterior stage had collided into the middle stage, resulting in a still functional spacecraft, but about 3k dV less. Ground control improvised, and it was decided that the crew would only be out of Gael's SOI for about 90 days, without the whole Niven part. Still, the crew made some of the money back, but this will go down as the biggest failure in the program's history. And even worse, we will have to wait for another window to travel to Niven. Bummer Interestingly enough, the exact same model of spacecraft had already been flown, with a Gauss bound probe, the Horizons VI (yes, keeping along with the Horizons series. In other news, the long awaited Horizons II has finally arrived at Otho, bringing back a ton of science, and some stunning pictures! We have now explore most of Gael's neighbors, and it might be time to target some moons in those systems! We will see. Feedback is appreciated, and I will update this whenever I can. Thanks!
  7. What did you do in KSP today?

    Playing around with my RP-0 save. Got the "Explore IV" into orbit, but haven't really had time to expand any more.
  8. I typically go for engines or Crew Modules. I haven't really dabbled into Nuclear stuff yet, and so I might have to do that. The Skipper has become Ol' Reliable, since it is much more efficient now that I have dumped 400 science into it. Also, no rules really, since this is my first time with the mod installed.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    Been working on downloading and finalizing 4 separate KSP saves. All vastly different from each other. These look amazing! Rss KSP 3.2x Galileo System Gameslinx's Planet Pack Stock Kerbin System I have never been so amazed at a game's graphics like I am with KSP! These look incredible!
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    Woah! Woah! Multiple questions! 1. what makes the resource bar look so amazing? 2. What mods, in general? Looks incredible!
  11. Antivirus won't let KSP run.

    Norton has a lot of false positives. For example: RSS is detected as a virus Kopernicus is detected as a virus Kerbal Alarm Clock is detected as a virus Scatterer many more! Just go into settings, turn off auto protect for however long you want it (if you do forever, just remember to turn it back on) I typically do this when starting new career saves. Hope this helped!
  12. Every Visual Enhancement Mod??

    Ok, reviving this thread a little, what mod adds these golden visors? KSPRC isn't working for me, since it isn't updated, but I've seen people have it in 1.2.2. Something like this, perhaps? Still not sure what mod makes the visors look amazing, but I've got everything else except for GemFX, I just need a finishing touch
  13. Hey All! I know that this visor comes from KSPRC, but the mod is outdated, and when I look in the texture replacer, the part where the visor should be, I don't see it. I've tried picking out each part of the texture replacer that KSPRC has, (which is 1.1.2 by the way), but nothing helps. Any mod that gives a very close or exact copy of what this image is showing in the helmets?
  14. I sure like that mods are so easy to download. Take Minecraft as an example. When I got Minecraft, there was no way that 8 year old me was able to download a mod without help from my cousins or an adult (I actually got a mod downloaded for me as a gift at my 9th birthday). Come May 2013, when I got KSP, mods were incredibly easily to download because of 3 reasons: 1. Easy places to get the mods, and organized at that (Curseforge, what used to be spaceport, spacedock, what used to be kerbalstuff) 2. Downloads were very easy. 3. Instructions included in the mods most of the time Just my opinion, but this is also what makes KSP a great game. An avid modding community, and I thank you guys for making KSP the way it is. This isn't the only thing I like about KSP, it's just something that makes the game great.