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  1. I messed around with overclocking and used cheats to crash a giant ship into an asteroid.
  2. Ended my Laythe mission by paying homage to one of my favorite games. (I launched from it using a replica of the Neptune rocket from Subnautica) EDIT: I should really do a remaster of this with visual mods...
  3. The final obstacle, Laythe, has been circumnavigated! This circumnavigation was very similar in a lot of ways to my Eve run, with the main difference being that it was (obviously) done entirely be sea. Thanks to this, I didn't need to include landing gear on the L.E.L.P, which helped save a little bit of mass. Another notable change is that the vehicle actually has counter-rotating propellers now, which were a big help in minimizing drift. In addition, since this was my final Elcano run, I wanted to make it a special one, and as such I included a few extra vehicles and goodies that I thought were fun. Map: New Vehicles and Getting to Laythe: Circumnavigation: Returning Home: Elcano Challenge Planets Tier List:
  4. SE: you also summon ketchup on your own forehead SP: I can survive by breathing any gas
  5. It definitely isn’t; by the end of my Tylo run my rover was shaped like a banana. Before: After:
  6. 2725 because someone made a typo that set the number back by 600 and literally no one noticed.
  7. Yeah, only one more to go. I really intended to get to Laythe much earlier, but sometimes that’s not how things work out. Since this is going to be my final circumnavigation, I may or may not have something “special” planned.
  8. Gilly complete! Definitely the easiest circumnavigation I've ever done; I want to say I did it from start to finish in about 45 minutes. The Eve Ascent: Getting to Gilly: Circumnavigation & Return to Kerbin:
  9. Honestly, I only found the torque issue to be mildly annoying; I was able to minimize it by constantly holding prograde. Good to know that for when I go to Laythe though!
  10. I just finished an Elcano challenge on Eve, I’m off to do one on Gilly next then again it’s just a rover so that’s kind of lame, maybe I’ll redirect a giant asteroid and crash it into Gilly instead
  11. I dislike Duna and Dres for the same reason: they have incredibly boring terrain with few exceptions (those being the canyons, but even those are kind of meh after you’ve seen them a few times). Practically the entire surface of both worlds consists of endless rolling hills, which, in addition to being boring, makes driving rovers on either quite annoying. At least Duna has an atmosphere for flight and a large moon, I suppose. Kind of a shame really, Duna would probably be one of my favorite places if its terrain were more varied and interesting.
  12. I had the blades maxed out at only 210 RPM or so on the water, on land they could do around 230-240. Like @18Watt has said, I used the short ducted fan blades and auto struts to better hold them in place. I did have a slight torque problem though, every couple minutes I’d have to correct the craft’s drifting attitude. Sadly no, there were a fair few fails during the land part of the circumnavigation, probably about 6 or so. None of them involved the complete destruction of the rover however, most of the time it would be just a nosecone or landing gear breaking. Considering the length of the trip, however, which I want to say was 11-12 hours in real time, there really weren’t too many accidents.
  13. Eve complete! This one took a really long time, but all in all I actually found the journey to be quite pleasant and enjoyable, which is something I didn't really expect. About 3/4 of this circumnavigation was done in just the last 48 hours, as I was sort of slacking off for the first few days of it. This run took a polar route as opposed to an equatorial one in order to maximize the amount of time I would be spending sailing in the oceans. Full Imgur Album (100+ images): https://imgur.com/a/ma0R8Ds Getting to Eve: Circumnavigation: Base Jumping Shenanigans: pls sub i beg of you Boarding the Ascent Vehicle and the Gilly Rover:
  14. My heaviest was “only” about 7 kilotons. It was supposed to send a 450 ton submarine to Laythe, but I decided to cancel the mission after reaching orbit.
  15. Happened to me twice now. The first time, on Pol, was no big deal, as it happened when I was literally 500 meters from finishing the circumnavigation. The other time it occurred was on Eeloo, and it was after I had unloaded a rover that I’d already used to complete Ike and Dres. I tried replacing the wheels with EVA construction, but that resulted in it being unable to drive straight for some reason. So I ended up having to send a replacement.
  16. There was science on board, but obviously it didn’t survive the parachute thing
  17. 1.5 megatons as in the explosive yield when it hits the ground?
  18. I went base jumping on Eve, and it went about as well as you would expect.
  19. Made a pretty decent Eve lander, "Waluigi", one that can (or, rather, will, because the design shown here was literally 20 m/s short of orbit, probably just need to fine tune ascent profile) return to orbit from sea level for my as-of-now ongoing circumnavigation mission. I thought about using rotors to make the ascent easier, but I decided that'd be a little cheap. In total, it has a mass of about 220 tons fully-fueled, and just over 8,000 m/s of delta-V. The reason I like this lander so much is that it has a custom ladder design: instead of having the kerbals climb on the outside of the ship all the way up to the service bay cockpit, they instead climb to an "airlock" in a tube. Once a kerbal reaches the top, they can board one of the three command seats in the service bay. To get into the tube, they exit from a lander can at the bottom, which can be transferred to from one of the exterior command pods. Getting it to Eve was.. laggy, as the lauch vehicle had several hundred parts, with the lander itself having well over 300.
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