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  1. Guess I'll have to wait. Thank you for the answer and explanation
  2. Hello everyone. First of all RSS is amazing mod. But I have a bot of a problem playing with it ,RO and KSC switch because of a weird terrain glitch, which causes surface to consists of big squares not connected to each other. This causes all my rovers and planes on Earth to explode upon colliding with a border between two squares or at the very list jump a bit (if I go from higher square to lower). Is there any solution to this problem?
  3. Is there a way t increase disassemble part radius or have kerbals go through parts?
  4. Is there a reason for putting more than kerbal of each type on a base to boost production? On a different note I noticed that inflatable parts give their efficiency bonuses even than deflated if toggled on.
  5. So is there any way to do it automatically?
  6. i have a question regarding planetary logistics. When do background logistics modules push stuff to planetary storage? It seems to me that it only happens when you load those crafts and doesn't happen in background.
  7. I am sorry if that has been asked already but I recently encountered a problem with organics in MKS Tundra agriculture modules. So, basically, if you have an agriculture module and assembly plant configured to produce colony supplies, organics is consumed both from your warehouse and agriculture module. This leads to an increasing reduction in organics output by agriculture module and ultimately to depletion of your organics reserves. I tried to set different flow priorities for my storage containers and agriculture modules but it didn't change a thing. So is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?