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  1. I can't verify this will work with KSP. But it has with all the PC games I've tried it on.
  2. Well, I have an android phone. Through that I cam download applications via the Play Store. Play Store has a few KSP apps you can use like Helper for KSP, KSP Orbicalc and MultiStageDeltaV. There Is also a KSP wiki with a ton of useful IInformation. The apps ask you for a few simple things like which planet you wpuld like to go to and at what altitude or what your crafts mass Is with no fuel and with full fuel to give you readouts. I would post links but Im on my cell phone and the forum doesnt like my phone. If any of this didnt clear anythimg up let ke know.
  3. @StupidAndy I was worried about the Subban trade but he ended up bringing a lot to the ice this season. We had to transition to a 2way neutral zone trap team for defense. But it worked out nicely. Does anyone play NHL 17 on PS4? Add me if so.
  4. Absolutely yes, yes, yes...take all of my yes. I miss Shea Weber and Seth Jones. Cool fact about Seth Jones, his dad was Pop-eye Jones, a very good basketball player In his days and was born near me.
  5. Yes I would love a thinner version. Like the TR-XL separator, even if it comes with disadvantages.
  6. My first career I had quite a few contracts and thought it would be a good idea to take a break from them and just lanuch a Moho mission. Needless to say my reputation took a hit after 5 years in space.
  7. I'm not sure if you'd consider this cheating or not. But this might help. I guess this will require someunlocking in the tech tree too, so might not help you sorry
  8. @Camacha, Yes many different ones.
  9. I still read the funny loading comments. @Bill Phil are you stationed at Peterson AFB or just like the insignia?
  10. My daughter is a junior attending the senior prom tonight. Any suggestions? (Goes back to cleaning shotgun)
  11. Me doing my best Bob impression when Jeb is flying. (Sorry couldnt get image to flip correctly)
  12. I'm attempting this challenge for my first one here at the forums. I llove the badge But I would like to know what I should provide for screenshots. It built in VAB, on launch pad, in orbit then landed on kerbin with mission report screen visible? Im doing this on PS4 but I dont think there should be any difference right?
  13. Ok thanks just checking, Im very secure with my password and use many formats Nice job finding out the issue. The moderators here are very good at what they do.
  14. Was this a breach in the stored passwords? Meaning should I be switching my password i use for forums? I bet SSL is looking like a good idea now if thats the case.
  15. I use my cell phone for both the apps and viewing the wiki while I play on the console. The tools just need basic information put in them that you get from in game.