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  1. I actually haven't heard about this mod before. It looks like a really nice, more stockalike and user-friendly substitute for KSPI-E. That being said, I'm generally reluctant to installing mods outside of CKAN. Main reason for that is because I'm running version 1.2.2 so that I can use the mod Interstellar Adventure Revived (that was dropped in 1.3.1 and I didn't find a good alternative ever since), and managing old and deprecated versions for 100 mods without a tool is a real pain. Also from what I can see, the first version of this mod is for KSP 1.5. As far as I know, most mods that introduce their own parts and mechanics without majorly overhauling current ones work on older versions rather fine. That being said, it would also require and update of all the dependencies and I'm partially worried about that. However with all that in mind, I'll take a close look at it and see if I can use it for my solution. But with Nertea being awesome enough to give me balance specs, I'll probably make my 1st attempt with just NFE
  2. Hello everyone, So I've been running multiple mods for a while and, for better or worse, they often have different mechanics that make them run (like KSPI-E and NearFuture together). Through quick learning and copy-pasting, I've been able to create my own patches so that everything stays balanced, even if mods don't support it by default (i.e. KerbalAtomics+NFE patch MRS Quad-Nuke, so that it runs on atomic fuel and hydrogen). This is where i run into HX1-URC generator from B9 Aerospace HX Parts. By default it functions as a massive RTG, producing 560 Ec/s. I was thinking about adding a decay to it through decaying RTGs NF patch, but I've come to realise that 18 ton RTG is a nonsense. So I've been thinking about patching it with NFE+KerbalAtomics configs. However, this generator currently is 4x heavier than MX-5 Hermes from NFE, but outputs merely 11% of its power. So there's my question: do you have any suggestions for how to properly balance this part using these two mods? Should I massively increase energy output or amount of fuel, or maybe just leave it as an RTG? If possible, I would like to avoid patching it with KSPI-E, because its config is significantly more complicated than NFE (thus increases number of variables and makes balancing harder) Anything might help, so thanks in advance
  3. Was the distance form the star doubled recently? I remember it being around 5Pm, now it's 10Pm, but changelog says nothing about it.
  4. Anyone knows if this mod is safe to use in 1.3 release? (and if, are there any potential problem to be wary of)