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  1. My Jebediah is currently stranded orbitting Ike. He's there with a rather large team, including Valentina. Mission control made a slight miscalculation. The refueling shuttle that worked very well during test runs on Minmus failed to leave Ike's gravity. It appears that Ike is about 10 times as massive as Minmus, who would have thought?
  2. I bought the game during a steam sale and have logged more than 200 hours on it. I have absolutely no problem at all with paying for the DLC.
  3. Mine must have been the first time I docked two vessels in orbit around Kerbin. It literally took me hours to get both of them at the same spot in space/time and lined up the right way. Felt really good when the two made that special connection.
  4. I'll check these mods out. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Greetings, Could you guys recommend me some good graphics mods? I'm specifically looking for mods that make the skybox and the planets look better.
  6. For those who like a happy ending, here's what ultimately happened.... So I took Draalo's advice and connected a module to one of the docking ports. This allowed me to get Jeb out of the refinery and made my Engineer enter it. At that point I had three pilots on Minmus so I figured it was time to organize a return trip. The first attempt at returning my crew failed, because I didn't listen to vanamonde and didn't test my staging. As a result I now had 4 pilots stranded on Minmus. The second attempt worked though and my 5 crew vessel (a new record!) safely splashed down in the waters of Kerbin! Thanks again for all the advice guys.
  7. True, that^ Then again it's also fun to launch a rescue/salvage mission to jury rig things on the surface of a moon. It feels like a very 'Kerbal' thing to do.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I might be able to post a picture when I get home tonight. I think it won't be necessary though as the ship does indeed have two docking ports for the refueling shuttles. I'll dock up an extra module and transfer the crew through that one, hadn't thought of that option at all Might be a good opportunity to add some extra drills, energy and thermal stuff anyway. ...Object thrower sounds like fun though ^^
  9. Hello fellow kerbonauts, I've gotten JEb in a bit of a predicament and I need some advice on how to proceed. Last night I've landed my refinery on Minmus. Since I tried to keep things light and compact things have gotten a bit cramped. Both exits of my cupola module now appear to be blocked by struts leading to solar panels on one side and thermal vanes on the other side. I've decided I best get rid of the side with the thermal vanes, so I've been attempting to somehow 'remove' them. I'm a bit hesitant to edit my saves so I've been trying in game methods. Knocking them off with another spaceship has so far resulted in bumper cars in space. Tonight I'm goin to try to scrape off the thermal vanes by running into the ground (not looking forward to that). I've been thinking about landing a rover with some extra thrusters on them to try to burn off the blocking struts. I'm not sure this will work though (as my rover will probably move all over the place and the struts have thermal vanes on them to dissipate the heat). So, my question is: How best to remove the struts blocking my exit?