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  1. @Bomaye Does it comply with the rules? If answer === Yes, Then it is allowed If answer === No, Then it's not allowed
  2. @Red Iron Crown and @SpaceplaneAddict 1st of all sorry for the late reply (Had finals) 2nd of all i changed the rules so now: Clipping functional parts aint allowed (So that clip won't be allowed) And clipping parts like winglets / constructional parts will be allowed now.
  3. @SpaceplaneAddict I'll allow it!
  4. @Nefrums I added you to the leaderboards!!!! @gchristopher I edited the spaceplane thingy
  5. @gchristopher owhhhhhh... UR RIGHT!!! @Nefrums Nice to see that you tried the new reboot too! I will add it to the leaderboards! @SpaceplaneAddict Part-clipping will only be allowed if it will be used as a dead weight and CAN NOT do anything functional (SO NO ENGINES OR FUEL_STUFFS)
  6. @SRFirefox For what category is it? @Abastro I added you to the leaderboards!
  7. @Abastro and @SRFirefox i am on vacation in turkey so i Will adem thrm to the leaderboard once i get back to mah laptop
  8. @Thor Wotansen I added you to the leaderboards @swjr-swis You are right. I changed it
  9. @AeroGav I added you to the leaderboards! ATM Your plane is the best one in the category (duhh) and of everything that entered (wut?)
  10. @fourfa True but after i read your comment i thaught it would be a bit harder to make you land on KSC runway grounds
  11. @fourfa See the rules. It clearly says You MUST Land on KSC Runway grounds. That is the runway and those green steep pieces of grass
  12. @Thor Wotansen 1) Screenshots of launch (See the rules) 2) See if it fits the rules 3) See if you can edit it to fit a 100x100km orbit @gchristopher I edited the leaderboard to include the posts! I did remove the 10 point bonus and changed it into the fact that you must land on KSC grounds
  13. @swjr-swis I added you to the leaderboard! @Abastro Are you gonna beat him?
  14. @Abastro I tested the lifter and i was able to get it to the allowed orbit! So i will be adding you to the leaderboards right now!
  15. I think it would be nice to have an app with the features of the map screen: - So you can plan your trajectories (and see the dV) - So you can see all of your vehicles (like in the tracking station) - When you press fly, it will focus on that vehicle and make you able to plan burns What do you guys think about this?? I hope some admin/squad dev will notice this as a good idea ofc!