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  1. Fixed both of those things @swjr-swis Thanks for telling me
  2. @swjr-swis It was supposed to be in the rules from the start. It wasn't clear so i changed it up @Fauble2000 Current non-nuke record is 27.6% @SanderB I'll agree with you on the non-alikeness and have put it up on the leaderboards @Fauble2000 You are up on the board. I like the design with the open-ended fairing, will try and use it in my next build.
  3. @Laie Fixed the rules, Nerv's now also count towards unlimited and not rocket only
  4. @Fauble2000 I agree with @swjr-swis about the dead-weight rule. I think that if someone exploits rcs to get the craft up i'll probably dis-allow it but if you want rcs just to get some usability out of the craft that's ok @Fauble2000 Would also say that Fuel-tanks are functional parts... You clipped a lot of them so i won't be able to allow your entry Sorry @Laie Congrats on the first entry to the unlimited category Yer up on the board @SanderB I haven't put your newest entry up on the board because this is a design challenge and you used the design from someone else. In the noteworthies tho (:
  5. @SanderB so how long until you one-up this one? @Laie New entry is up on the board, you also got 2 spots on the noteworthy entries @Fauble2000 Ye'r up too
  6. Just a question for you guys: If someone beats his own fraction, should he get another place on the board or just 1 place on the board and a place on a sub-board including all the beaten times? Laie, and SanderB: Your crafts are on there, beaten fractions on the hidden scoreboard
  7. @AeroGav I won't be able to put the new one up on the board yet until you show the fact that you've landed it on the runway successfully. But con FUGGIN grats on the 50% mark
  8. @gchristopher and @Eidahlil I have updated the rules because you guys had a great point. @Eidahlil your SSTO is up on the board (Really inventive design btw, Thumbs up fo that) @AeroGav Your SSTO is up there too!
  9. Hello Agent, Your mission if you choose to accept it is to launch a submariner to laythe. Once you've landed your submarine you need to test launch a tactical nuke. That nuke should fly below 1km at any moment and it should detonate at a shore of your choosing Rules: No Dirty Cheating Alpacas (HyperEdit or F12 menu) No mods except BDa (You can launch a stock missile to if preferred) ((Visual mods and KER are allowed)) This Message will self-destruct in 7 days
  10. @swjr-swis fixed the rule @SanderB will put it on the scoreboard once i'm @ my pc
  11. @Speeding Mullet SHE'S UP! 1.3.x version just posted I'll be checking it as much as i can
  12. This is a 1.3.x reboot of the Payload fraction challenge Original 1.0.5 thread is here 1.2.2 Reboot is here The Challenge: You must build and fly the most mass-efficient lifter possible for flying to LKO (Orbit must be 90km Pe min. Equatorial, Circular orbit) The Rules: - Stock parts only. KSP Version 1.3.0 - 1.3.9 only, (Earlier entries like 1.2.2 or 1.0.5 should be posted in their respective threads) - No cfg editing, save editing, debug menu or anything else like that. - NO physics exploits, (like infini-glider). The craft must be lifted by trust and aerodynamic lift alone - Payload must be mounted on a decoupler or docking node and seperated from the lifter in a stable orbit with an equatorial orbit of 90km Pe min. The decoupler / docking port must stay with the lifter - The payload MAY NOT have any form of engines (Lf + Ox, nuke etc. etc.) - The payload MUST be a DEAD WEIGHT until decoupling and after that only the usage of RCS and/or SAS is allowed to fine-tune the orbit - Entries must be a single launch, with no interaction with any other vessels already in flight or launched afterward. - If you use the offset tool the part MUST be visibly attached to the rocket (attach a strut or something) - The base of the lifter must be close to the pad surface, preferably touching it. No kilometer-high launch clamps please. - Don't clip functional parts - Images or video of your design is required for entry, showing launch mass, payload mass in stable orbit, and enough in between to show how your vessel works. (Must be sent as a imgur picture library) Craft files would be the best so we can all learn from each other's building techniques - You need images of the design in the VAB - You need an image of the design on the Launchpad - You need an image of the design in Sub-Orbital Trajectory - You need an image of the payload in orbit (Mass of the payload MUST be showing (the kerbal button in the right of the HUD) - Video of the full launch would be the best! Permitted Mods: - Visual mods (like scatterer) - Autopilot mods (Like mechjeb 2) - Informational mods (like KER) Forbidden Mods: - Anything that modifies stock parts or that adds new parts - Anything that changes the games physics The Scoring system: Please add the category you are running for in your entry The maximum amount of points is 100 and you can define your score by doing: PayloadMassInOrbit / TotalLaunchMass * 100 Higher is always better, and the score will be rounded to two decimal places. All the categories habe been added so you can start sending in crafts! Unlimited: Use any propulsion to get into orbit, no recovery needed Unlimited Recovery: Use any propulsion to get into orbit, all stages MUST be recovered Rocket Only: Rocket engines only (no ions, jets, nerv's or Rapiers in open cycle mode), no recovery necessary. Rocket Only Recovery: Rocket engines only (no ions, jets, nerv's or Rapiers in open cycle) all stages MUST be recovered. SpacePlane SSTO: All engine types are allowed, must be launched horizontally from the KSC runway. *just for SPH SSTO* You MUST land on KSC Runway grounds! The Leaderboard: Unlimited Unlimited Recovery Rocket only Rocket only Recovery SSTO SpacePlane 29.2% by @SanderB using this rocket 28.23% by @Fauble2000 using this rocket 50% by @AeroGav using this SSTO 29% by @Laie using this monstrosity 27.6% by @Laie using this rocket 41.87% by @Eidahlil using this SSTO 27.336% by @Fauble2000 using this rocket 27.2% by @SanderB using this rocket Noteworthy Entries: Beaten Fractions:
  13. @Speeding Mullet Stock Fraction challenge is closed. I might make a new one for 1.3 and up in the future
  14. @Bomaye Does it comply with the rules? If answer === Yes, Then it is allowed If answer === No, Then it's not allowed
  15. @Red Iron Crown and @SpaceplaneAddict 1st of all sorry for the late reply (Had finals) 2nd of all i changed the rules so now: Clipping functional parts aint allowed (So that clip won't be allowed) And clipping parts like winglets / constructional parts will be allowed now.
  16. @Nefrums I added you to the leaderboards!!!! @gchristopher I edited the spaceplane thingy
  17. @gchristopher owhhhhhh... UR RIGHT!!! @Nefrums Nice to see that you tried the new reboot too! I will add it to the leaderboards! @SpaceplaneAddict Part-clipping will only be allowed if it will be used as a dead weight and CAN NOT do anything functional (SO NO ENGINES OR FUEL_STUFFS)
  18. @SRFirefox For what category is it? @Abastro I added you to the leaderboards!
  19. @Abastro and @SRFirefox i am on vacation in turkey so i Will adem thrm to the leaderboard once i get back to mah laptop
  20. @Thor Wotansen I added you to the leaderboards @swjr-swis You are right. I changed it