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  1. Jesusthebird

    Stational Cunstructs

    Reddit user 001 made a script for easy adding of models for TU. Sometimes it didnt work out...but mostly it did. If it didnt...assumed the model was created unorthodoxly perhaps. Id look into it if you want quick configs..then tweak it to your liking after with more detail or different shaders.
  2. Ohh. Alright then. Sorry..I thought kspi added fusion pellets as a resource but looking at the github assumption was wrong.
  3. That engine looks fantastic! Im not a diehard kspi will you be adding in your own resource definition/tanks?? Would it be possible to make it LFO or LH2/O compatible if we dont have kspi installed??
  4. Jesusthebird

    [1.6.x] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.10

    Huzzaaa!! Thanks to the showcase vid..i as able to eyeball the one engine ive been searching for..for almost a year!! Your small black/white lfo engine that kinda looks like .."a bullet?". I loved attaching those radially for vtol reasons. The low profile is just..superb. Im glad to find it again! These mods have developed into quite the plethora of beautiful parts. I hope my computer doesnt melt . I may need to do some folder offense.
  5. Hi everyone. Just an oddball question. The deployable engine plugin, a few KB in size..but downloaded with a 60+MB folder that includes "extra" cfgs that dont get installed by default. Nertea has stated that there is no "extras" folder for his deployable engine plugin by himself. But the ckan download gives a lot of cfgs for stock and his nearfuture electical mod. Im really just trying to find information on what they do. There seems to be no information about them. I can decifer some of it..but there are a few modules ive never seen before. Basically i was hoping someone..somewhere..could shed some light on them. Or point me in the right direction? And since it seems nertea didnt make them, this is my next logical place to ask. Thanks!
  6. Hmm...Alright. Well thanks for the speedy response. Perhaps ill poke my head into the ckan thread and ask around. Cheers! And good luck with your current projects!
  7. I dont install the plugin via ckan because of the size of the folder. But rather via your NF Aero mod since its bundled with it. im just wondering what the cfgs in the extras folder do and I cant find any info about them. Are you saying someone else created them?
  8. Jesusthebird

    Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems

    I dont really have a set "idea" . I usually just let my mind wander in editor and make all kinds of stuff. A nosecone and/or adapter came to mind when I tried to put wing mounted engines on your super heavy wing(which is awesome btw!) instead of having a nosecone for the tips I used a pair of your cockpits lol.
  9. Jesusthebird

    Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems

    Ive enjoyed playing with this mod so far. I hope there are some plans for a few additions?? Perhaps some adapters to mk2/3 or a nosecone/dronecore? More adventurous adapter could be for OPT. Also..for some reason I spawn with no EC. Cockpits have 800 in the editor but when I get to the Looks great tho. I love spaceplane parts!
  10. Just a quick question. After all this time...I just noticed the xtra cfgs in the deployable engine plugin download from ckan. I was wondering why it was 60ish MB when the .dll is only a few KB.. I dont see much info on what they do and I notice a few modules that are unfamiliar to me. Can anyone help with this? Im not sure if I should use it..if its out of date and unneeded anymore..that kinda stuff. there are cfgs for stock and NRE, and I use both mods so this info could be useful for me. Could also be useful to others too. Thanks
  11. Jesusthebird

    [1.5.1+] Vapor Vent released

    Hi. I would like to use this mod. But the persistance of parts after the 10m/s threshold is kinda a turn off. Is there any way to incorporate a jettison/debris unload feature after the threshold is reached?? Perhaps with some code from the smart parts mod?? Just a brainstorm. This isnt one of those must have mods...but it does add a nice touch to launches. But I try and keep part count as low as possible
  12. Jesusthebird

    [WIP] SeaQuest KSP

    Subnautica meets ksp hehe!
  13. Jesusthebird

    [1.5.1+ 1.6+] Fill It Up - Adjust Fuel Levels in VAB/SPH

    One of those must have mods for sick of having to empty fuel tanks individually just to check out CoM shift during flight. Thanks for adopting...yet another mod! What would we do without you LGG??
  14. Jesusthebird

    [1.3] Karbonite Plus (K+) - A Karbonite Expansion!

    How do i power the karborundrum engine?? I dont see a fuel tank for it.
  15. Jesusthebird

    [1.6.1] OPT Reconfig v1.3.2 [March 4, 2019]

    Ooo..i just found out that there are enough OPT-H parts to make a functioning ship. I thought those parts were just extentions for the K/H fuselage parts. I wish it had cargo bay and a cockpit parts to complete it. Possibly an H-mk2 adapter..but ohh well. The crew part looks really cool and makes a great transport vessel i think. Has kind of a startrek shuttle look to it. Im not asking for anything..just some more OPT hype lol. Thanks for keeping this part pack up to date! Heres an atmo vessel in fighter style. Im using USI inline turbojet. and CA-Shuttle wing parts. That sexy looking forward stabilizer is from fintech(a very nicely made fin/wing mod) this thing is HIGHly maneuverable and decently balanced. probably one of my better made ships. As you can see..a nosecone made into a cockpit would be absolutely epic..but I cant complain here..thankfully there is a drone-core available with this sized fuselage. Im pretty happy with this vessel. Im going to slap an MM patch onto those USI jets and make em like rapiers; should make for a decent ship without the need for tons of engines.