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  1. Could this mod be easily applied to other mods that use the stock textures...such as sxt continued?? I feel like if this was compatible with sxt and possibly mk2/3x mods..this mods would really shine
  2. Instead of a black screen when loading to a flight scene..we should have artwork. anyone else agree? I think itd be a a small and subtle immersive improvement. I know it doesnt last very long...But at least its something to look at
  3. Just consider each 1.x.0 release to be a buggy ride and wait a month or two for it to be ironed out in the 1.x.1-2-3 updates and you wont be dissapointed...ive learned that the hard way simply from the mods I like to play with. 1.8 was a pretty big shift I think since they switched up the unity version. I dont know if anyone was expecting that..but when I read that..I instantly knew I wouldnt be playing 1.8 for at least another it stock bugs..or mods that need recompiling to the new unity build. At this point...if anyone is still complaining about game breaking because of an auto update...thats a little crazy id say. Dont let it update, play off a seperate (non steam) directory or actively choose a previous version. There are 3 options..just pick one. Unless you are coming in should know this by now. And even if you others have said..its not like this is new as far as the life of the game goes..each new version release has had issues at the initial launch in one way or another. Squad fixes most of em in the next just be patient and play on older versions.
  4. question, why is firesplitter required? could it use the firesplitter core mod? Is this some kind dependency that requires a texture from that mod? Only Reason I ask isnt because I hate firesplitter...I just dont have a use for...90% of the parts in it. If thats the case and it needs something specific from the mod...maybe I can do some deleting and just keep whats needed? But Id need to know what those things are I really like the jet tail fin thing, Im installing now to play around with it now
  5. Lol. So thats why you put in (named) authors. Carry on
  6. This is coming along really nicely. Everything looks amazing so far. I look forward to an official release or beta release!
  7. Dark side and facing sun screenshots are really bad...jus sayin. I cant really tell what im looking at. Glad to see these mods supported again tho
  8. im so glad to see freddys kr71 cockpit continued!! This mod will be a must have alongside airplane plus as you suggested, well done!!
  9. Hmm tough call on the default... My 2cents? I think @part should be default as the aim of this mod is to change the logic of the fuelcells anyways. If anyone wants the additional cloning to keep the stock logic in extra set of cfgs are simple enough to add in. I think if its ckan indexed this would be the easier route too. 1 install to change..2 to change and clone. Only stipulation being the mm configs possibly needing different syntax to patch correctly and in proper order if cloning is wanted. I dont have much experience with fuelcells honestly...and i could be totally wrong here as i could be thinking of respurce converters like isrus.. But off the top of my head as im not at my computer these mods could contain fuelcells: Near future electric?? Opt?? Kas/kis?? Stockalike mining extention?? Planetary base systems?? USI?? I have all of these installed so when i get home ill check it out and report back
  10. Niiice...i hate stock fuel cell logic. This is superb. Honestly i dont think new parts should be a big deal. My vote is simply for the plugin and providing cfgs that optionally clones/replaces modules or does a full swap of modules alltogether with no cloning. Im certain there are a plethora of mods out there that adds a fuelcell part. To be kind and ask if you can make a cfg for said part for this plugin and g2g. Universal storage2 for example? I really like his modeling and texturing and im almost positive theres a fuelcell in that mod pack.
  11. Yea that would be a tiny issue. Especally since there are other mods that provide mk2 nose cones. Only real reason to make something like that would be for a crisper recreation of an sr71 cockpit i would imagine. The pointy chine is hard to use at the nose and needs to be angled and clipped to avoid the fangs poppin out the side kind of weird look. I dont like to ask flat out for new things. I more appriciate the continued support for your mod over all else. If you wanna poke around with the concept, by all meens i welcome it. But i love your mod regardless of having a specific chine added in for a very specific purpose. Ill make due either way.
  12. I like these ideas. Away with the cargo bay and sticking landing gears in em. The light chine is more of a novelty i think. Personally i find it hard to use the chine sometimes considering there isnt an angled version for forward nose mointing and it looking good. But to each their own?? I think if a new chine part was added it should be one that attaches inline like a decoupler..with angled chines on the outer edge made specifically for one of the mk2 nose cones. With outer attach points to further the chine back. Just my opinion tho
  13. ive recent come back to this thread for another download of the kr71 and thought id give that mod a try..however I dont see any good links avaliable and the thread is locked. thoughts?
  14. Hmm...interesting mod. So basically...this mod lets you swap between upgraded and non upgraded modules for a given part?