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  1. Try specifying a texture path for the model that is causing the overlap and/or possibly remove the stock variant switch code. I dont think it and the weld mod created models work well together. Your other part looks fine andnit doesnt contain any such code.
  2. bug fixes normally get done after content addition as adding content can easily backtrack to...more bugs introduced. It can be the reverse...but at the end of takes more time to release a bunch of bug fixes..introduce more content..then fix more bugs. This cannot be avoided especially with DLC or if they did do a build test with a conclusion there isnt any way around not introducing a bug without adding the content. sometimes it cannot be helped
  3. Just an FYI, I am running 1.8.1. That being said I noticed the KR-71 has a strange offset for CoM. is this something that can be tweaked somehow? the CoM looks like where the rear attachment node is. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it intended? Id also like the point out that although not all... the kr-71 doesnt currently have an IVA. I went ahead and copied over the 'raven' internal module from Mk2X mod and I can now go EVA and view the cockpit from the inside. I chose this internal because from a model perspective its almost identical in shape..amount of windows and placement of said windows. I think the kr-71 deserves its own IVA however..I dont know how to make this was my workaround.....its not that bad of a quick-fix i say lol. At least I can go EVA now without doing a crew transfer or having an extra kerbal compartment. The IVA itself seems incomplete but I dont really care much. Regardless that would be an MK2X issue.
  4. Im playing on 1.8.1 and I had this same issue. I did install JNSQ and the water isnt invisible anymore so...i dunno lol. Id have to check and see if JNSQ have scatterer configs or not...but I dont think it does
  5. Those Ocean caustics look amazing! Ive always been so bored with the ocean, this will lively them up some!
  6. Just to be clear...both this and 'unofficial' show updated to 1.8.1. Both are the same at this point?
  7. This Near Future Exploration pack looks beautiful! DOWNLOADING!!!!!
  8. Upon the unity version switch I probably need to learn how the dds conversions work, I havnt tested spacedock on 1.8. The only thing I did to this mod was update some cfgs and redo some of the folder paths(I also added some additional stand alone parts from steeds previous projects that I felt should be included in the this mod as a total package), my changelog was fairly detailed. But i havnt really had the time lately to keep up with it. A couple posts up is the github repo for the 'more' up to date version. Feel free to do what you like to it with steedcrugeons blessing im assuming?
  9. HA! I do have GC installed, not MKS so all i need to deploy is engineers. I would want to assume the precious espresso machine is already there...just duct taped to the table really...really...really...good. That makes sense putting the material kit requirement into play. I forgot about those
  10. Hi Nertea! I have a question/possible request?? Im making a station with the 3.75 centrifuges(specifically the pilgrim) and noticed when deployed weighs a bunch more(Over double) than when retracted. Is that intended? and if so, why? It doesn't make much sense to me why a part weighs more once its extended(I would understand increased drag tho). Unless Im looking in the wrong place...I dont see it as a cfg tweakable value. Could it be?? Thank you!
  11. Im betting that this mod is 'waiting' for the final release(1.9.x) and then have backports to 1.8.x with more ease in case 1.9 does mess with kopernicus. The major step is already done aka..the unity version switch and all that entails. But as far as i assume...kopernicus is simple..yet very complicated at its core. Which is why its version locked. I think of it like this..the longer it takes the more polished it is. And less likely to have that bug that appears that can be easily corrected yet was overlooked due to a rush release. As much as id like to have all the planet mods in 1.8...the fact that it wasnt simply recompiled and released speaks volumes about the modders dedication to release a quality product to us...for free. And to me thats most important
  12. Could this mod be easily applied to other mods that use the stock textures...such as sxt continued?? I feel like if this was compatible with sxt and possibly mk2/3x mods..this mods would really shine
  13. Instead of a black screen when loading to a flight scene..we should have artwork. anyone else agree? I think itd be a a small and subtle immersive improvement. I know it doesnt last very long...But at least its something to look at
  14. Just consider each 1.x.0 release to be a buggy ride and wait a month or two for it to be ironed out in the 1.x.1-2-3 updates and you wont be dissapointed...ive learned that the hard way simply from the mods I like to play with. 1.8 was a pretty big shift I think since they switched up the unity version. I dont know if anyone was expecting that..but when I read that..I instantly knew I wouldnt be playing 1.8 for at least another it stock bugs..or mods that need recompiling to the new unity build. At this point...if anyone is still complaining about game breaking because of an auto update...thats a little crazy id say. Dont let it update, play off a seperate (non steam) directory or actively choose a previous version. There are 3 options..just pick one. Unless you are coming in should know this by now. And even if you others have said..its not like this is new as far as the life of the game goes..each new version release has had issues at the initial launch in one way or another. Squad fixes most of em in the next just be patient and play on older versions.
  15. question, why is firesplitter required? could it use the firesplitter core mod? Is this some kind dependency that requires a texture from that mod? Only Reason I ask isnt because I hate firesplitter...I just dont have a use for...90% of the parts in it. If thats the case and it needs something specific from the mod...maybe I can do some deleting and just keep whats needed? But Id need to know what those things are I really like the jet tail fin thing, Im installing now to play around with it now