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  1. Hmm...interesting mod. So basically...this mod lets you swap between upgraded and non upgraded modules for a given part?
  2. I dont think ive used sstu cause last time i looked it as out of date for the version of ksp i was using..tho im pretty sure thats not the case anymore. This looks pretty sick tho. Like..really badazz!! Can other mods be implemented by chance in the future(like a mini mod/cfg thread kinda thing?) i like messing with the recolor depot mod. But this seems to do pretty much the same thing?? I think recolor depot does color swapping for 2 different sections of a model tho to make parts more dynamically sexy. Both have their respective supported mod 'list'. Just something to think about i guess. I use quick hide mod so the only drawback for me is learning both gui's Cheers and congratz!
  3. im prolly a bit early to the party. 4.0.3 change notes? Just noticed it in ckan, didnt see it mentioned in OP nor last few paged of thread. thanks. sorry.
  4. I think in regards to ksp...we should probably keep it to.."in theory"
  5. Yas!! This is a wonderful mod. So glad to see it making a comeback. Are the models being tweaked?? I havnt used it in a long time but i think the last time i did...some lights wernt operational err something. Doesnt matter...will still download lol. Thanks LGG!
  6. Im trying to make an mk2 station ring but I cant seem to get a link to show. Using 72 mk2 crew cabins attaching them end to end then snap rotating all of em 5 degrees to make it circular. Im guessing its something to do with the angle setting but i dont really understand the logic behind it. Ive never had any problems with inline stacks linking with no angle change. Any help would be appriciated. Ive tried increasing the radius and angle setting but whatever value i input..doesnt seem to change anything. Thanks
  7. At the end of the day..i like the concept..but when i build a craft with a prop engine...i use airplane plus mod...less part count..manageable..easy..especally compared to the torque induced by a single prop rotor setup from stock. Dont think any airplane plus prop has a torque inducing property.
  8. Ohh this is awesome. I always wanted this. Couple questions. First: I dont play rss. Whats the size comparison compared to the mun?? I assume its bigger?? Wiki states mun is 200k meters radius. Is this 347.62 meters radius? Or.. 347,620m radius? I wasnt sure if the 'period' was a typo or its really 347.62 meters radius. Thats pretty tiny and i always thought an rss mun equivalent would be bigger Second: why the need of KK mod? Is that related to the easter eggs? Third: the semi major axis is the same as the i assume thats why it replaces it. However the other orbit parameters are different, could we get an optional config making the semi major axis large enough that we could have both the mun and the muun in game? Seems like it could be an interesting leap frog scenario but i dont know much about soi and kopernicus in-s and out-s to see if it would cause problems or not in general. Cheers, looks great!
  9. What do copilots and rangers do??
  10. As far as im aware..tweakscale is under a semimajor overhaul..with some serious issues needing to be resolved...not sure if your exact issue pertains..but if the part is fine without tweakscale(besides the difference in size)..its possibly a tweakscale issue..
  11. Just want a way to turn off backpacks in orbit..upon going eva..kerbal model could load either..with chute or without?? With a pop up or hotkey to select which one. Or a changable value in the settings menu. It does look a bit odd..the back of the eva pack could be sooo slick too!...instead its this brown old leather looking heep of bed sheets tied together
  12. Those glowy colors are sleeeeek!! Way to go! So this mod doesn't need texture replacer to work?? *inserts southpark "niiice" gif*
  13. Does anyone have a stock parts cfg I could use?? Just wondering if something like that is floating around here somewhere. No big deal if not
  14. Now when people say...they like to play with near and far...they'll need to be more specific as to..which far?? Lol