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  1. I will try, Ive never had an issue before but I guess theres always a first time. I restarted steam and that didnt work, but I didnt think about starting ksp to check for an update, lol never had to EDIT: apparently I was already updated and just didnt know. Confusion because in the previous version selection window on steam... 1.10.0 isnt present and thats usually the indication(to me at least) of it being the current version installed, also no 'steam news update', but I wasnt expecting that since its just a patch update. However I checked the ksp text file located in the main directory and it states 1.10.1 and the watermark is also updated. So im good
  2. I dont mind some mods made stock...but when it comes to parts...I dont see much point if there is a mod that preforms the same thing you desire(console?..OK I understand where youre coming from). Like someone above stated...parts clutter...Id rather them create things that provide fresh playability instead of 'their' version of the exact same thing Im already using with a mod...which is basically just a texture swap to a normal player thats why im not super excited about the recent updates. texture revamps aside...I could care less about any part that is added that is already present in a commonly used mod. Side note: that being said I havnt seen much headroom on the expansion of the mk2/3 profiles. as far as stock is concerned...both platforms are lacking in actual parts and function. If they expanded on some of that...I guess I wouldn't mind that The added robotics and science experiments are the most recent things that I even cared about as far as part additions, especially if the mod is outdated and unsupported by a current ksp release. 99% of the ESA update...I dont care about tbh. But I suppose that update wasnt really catered to people like me, and thats fine
  3. Me makes such good crafts and i always try and see if he uses angle snap but its like 99% free form. Its glorious
  4. ahh I see what you meen. I actually was referring to the information window that automatically appears on the first time you install and run the mod for the first time, I didn't even think about the wrench icon. The hide window on start button I thought was a good clue but I guess you could think that im referring to clicking the wrench icon again to toggle the window off 1.10.9 seems to do the trick tho on both ksp 1.9.1 and 1.10
  5. sorry, lets see..basically, the two test builds you linked fixes the bug from happening when you click an option for CTB FIRST, but if you close the toolbarwindow after that, the bug still happens. Im doing fresh save testing, so when the scene loads, both windows pop up, CTB seems fine now in terms if IT causing the bug, in all of my testing so far, closing the toolbar window after selecting an option for CTB causes the bug to appear still. closing toolbar first before selecting an option for CTB seems to work fine tho.
  6. doing fresh ckan installs of everything and manually updating CTB from your link(s), creating a new save and preforming some input functions, rinse repeat slightly differently.So far, Ive determined that this bug persists not only from clicking an option (focus click or focus mouse, but also closing the toolbar popup window. -An interesting visual bug ive noticed, altf12 and clear the input lock, then drag your mouse back and forth between the game scene and the alt12 window, the left hand menu comes n goes. DebugToolbar with Bitmask 00101... lots of ones and zeros also flashes in the menu area In both test builds this occurs, - Selecting focus mouse FIRST - GOOD - Click OK or hide on toolbar SECOND - BAD - ClearInput fixes and the above mentioned altf12 thing happens -Selecting OK or Hide button on toolbar FIRST then select click or mouse option on CTB - GOOD, NO BUG. but the altf12 visual bug still occurs. I've also notice that once you clear input locks, if you restart ksp, creating a new save the bug seems to goes away?; under that situation toolbar window does not pop up(if you clicked hide on startup) tho I haven't tested to length Does it matter 'when' I copy the log? does ksp modify it in real-time? these were copied over when the bug doesn't occur Player Log 1.10.7 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjOhSRn-M-Xfkg9PAtHZ_xwjxP10 Player Log 1.10.8 https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjOhSRn-M-XfkhBHpkBYJ9BRtvUG
  7. with focus mouseover option selection, If I clear input locks, the problem seems to go away. Exiting to main menu and reopening the save, the space center menu on the left is there and I can click things. reinstalling the mods fresh and selecting the focus follow click option, the left menu buttons and buildings are clickable, when I go to the mod settings and disable the focus follows mouse click setting(assuming that changes it to focus mouseover), I am unable to 'force' the bug to appear.
  8. Sorry, This is for the bug thats causing buildings not able to be clicked on when you select the mouse over option I should have specified what I was trying to help with Looks like @Tonka Crash reported it a few pages back Also, I am aware this is a 1.9 mod and Im on 1.10, This is simply to help get it ready for 1.10. No extra mods installed, just CTB and its dependencies
  9. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjOhSRn-M-XfkgkfOtMwIVEIXGGD?e=TKVC9E See if this helps. One thing I did notice, is when I started the save(always a new save) and it loaded the popup windows, when I moused over the popup windows(didnt matter which) the menu bar on the left vanished, when i pull my mouse out of the popup window area, the menu returns. ohh..and thats where the output log is...lol.
  10. Id Like to help, but I cant find a player.log anywhere in the ksp directory or sub directories. How does it get generated? Im totally one of those people who didnt know there was an input unlock function in alt f12 area. so thats freaking awesome! I was scratching my head about not being able to click on space center buildings so thats a very nice 'quick fix' Thanks for that! Anyways, if i can figure out how to get you a player.log i can give you 2 of em, one with the click setting set, one with the mouse over setting set. If that would help ya?
  11. not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but take a look at the Sabre mod, they have lots of beefy jet engines and even rapier like engines(airbreathing and closed cycle) Now obviously I think your idea would be very nice as I agree the jet engine dept in stock is lacking...and console players wont benefit from a mod like sabre, but as far an an immediate solution...if you run...1.7 at least I think?? Sabre mod can be a nice addition to your game
  12. Is there a big different in this and the AGM renewed mod(aside the adding 250 action groups)??
  13. Try specifying a texture path for the model that is causing the overlap and/or possibly remove the stock variant switch code. I dont think it and the weld mod created models work well together. Your other part looks fine andnit doesnt contain any such code.
  14. bug fixes normally get done after content addition as adding content can easily backtrack to...more bugs introduced. It can be the reverse...but at the end of it...it takes more time to release a bunch of bug fixes..introduce more content..then fix more bugs. This cannot be avoided especially with DLC or if they did do a build test with a conclusion there isnt any way around not introducing a bug without adding the content. sometimes it cannot be helped
  15. Just an FYI, I am running 1.8.1. That being said I noticed the KR-71 has a strange offset for CoM. is this something that can be tweaked somehow? the CoM looks like where the rear attachment node is. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it intended? Id also like the point out that although not perfect..at all... the kr-71 doesnt currently have an IVA. I went ahead and copied over the 'raven' internal module from Mk2X mod and I can now go EVA and view the cockpit from the inside. I chose this internal because from a model perspective its almost identical in shape..amount of windows and placement of said windows. I think the kr-71 deserves its own IVA however..I dont know how to make em..so this was my workaround.....its not that bad of a quick-fix i say lol. At least I can go EVA now without doing a crew transfer or having an extra kerbal compartment. The IVA itself seems incomplete but I dont really care much. Regardless that would be an MK2X issue.
  16. Im playing on 1.8.1 and I had this same issue. I did install JNSQ and the water isnt invisible anymore so...i dunno lol. Id have to check and see if JNSQ have scatterer configs or not...but I dont think it does
  17. Just to be clear...both this and 'unofficial' show updated to 1.8.1. Both are the same at this point?
  18. This Near Future Exploration pack looks beautiful! DOWNLOADING!!!!!
  19. Upon the unity version switch I probably need to learn how the dds conversions work, I havnt tested spacedock on 1.8. The only thing I did to this mod was update some cfgs and redo some of the folder paths(I also added some additional stand alone parts from steeds previous projects that I felt should be included in the this mod as a total package), my changelog was fairly detailed. But i havnt really had the time lately to keep up with it. A couple posts up is the github repo for the 'more' up to date version. Feel free to do what you like to it with steedcrugeons blessing im assuming?
  20. HA! I do have GC installed, not MKS so all i need to deploy is engineers. I would want to assume the precious espresso machine is already there...just duct taped to the table really...really...really...good. That makes sense putting the material kit requirement into play. I forgot about those
  21. Hi Nertea! I have a question/possible request?? Im making a station with the 3.75 centrifuges(specifically the pilgrim) and noticed when deployed weighs a bunch more(Over double) than when retracted. Is that intended? and if so, why? It doesn't make much sense to me why a part weighs more once its extended(I would understand increased drag tho). Unless Im looking in the wrong place...I dont see it as a cfg tweakable value. Could it be?? Thank you!
  22. Im betting that this mod is 'waiting' for the final release(1.9.x) and then have backports to 1.8.x with more ease in case 1.9 does mess with kopernicus. The major step is already done aka..the unity version switch and all that entails. But as far as i assume...kopernicus is simple..yet very complicated at its core. Which is why its version locked. I think of it like this..the longer it takes the more polished it is. And less likely to have that bug that appears that can be easily corrected yet was overlooked due to a rush release. As much as id like to have all the planet mods in 1.8...the fact that it wasnt simply recompiled and released speaks volumes about the modders dedication to release a quality product to us...for free. And to me thats most important
  23. Could this mod be easily applied to other mods that use the stock textures...such as sxt continued?? I feel like if this was compatible with sxt and possibly mk2/3x mods..this mods would really shine
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