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  1. ho my god ! its chrismas this week ? the @SQUAD machine is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you really !!!!!!!!!!!
  2. that's what you had to do and you did it! this is so cool . this small update announces great potential. thank you @SQUAD ! I would like to be able to eject a kerbal from a cockpit with action groups lol :)
  3. I can use to climb up a hill on Eve? its very cool
  4. ok its for walking . or avoid sliding .thank you for the parts and the explain I'm eager to see examples of use
  5. wow! what this ? can we have explain ? its new part ? i love that ? what is it ? it is foot ? kerbalkiss
  6. I built Saturn V. And all that is needed for this mission. But it seems that my PC is not able to make a quality video. But the heart is there. I participate on my side. good luck kerbalnauts.
  7. awesome ! I want to apologize for the difficult comment sometimes. when I find problem or other. sorry because you work a lot and i see it. You really listen to the community! it's really cool ! His merit a kerbalauward! The progress of this game is huge and kerbality can be proud of the team squad. it's really a pleasure for me to play this game and this pleasure grew with the game. where is your limit? you will surely see me moan here again some years !! thanks for everything your listening, your patience and your passion @SQUAD!
  8. someone saw me? what this ? a moderator can delete my topic ?
  9. it's not just to create two modes including a mode with less functionality, but to be able to perform a fuel exchange bypassing the physical shock that the dock causes. edit: because I thought it was just becoming one who caused the shock
  10. sorry for this idea. but I am enjoy that his launches the debate. I launched this idea because ksp is a game of "simulation" where physics is very important. and the big physical shock at a dock does not really exist. I am aware that if this shock is there, it probably means that it will stay at this stage of the game. Otherwise it will probably be repaired. this shake is responsible for 80% of my worries in ksp. I just give an idea. Can be stupid. I would like to make my fuel exchange to the ground less explosive especially since BG.
  11. after about 50 hours of BG I'm sorry but I'm really disappointed. I do not find stability. even the simplest ships will eventually go crazy, lose memory (kal) or explode. the robotic part does not support the time warp, the dock. nor the appearance after a lunch from the tracking station. the robotic part trembled when it stays in the same position and has the switch vessel. have asked me to transmit 100% of the data collected with one of the new arms. what I have done . and the mission is not accomplished I am always at 0% of transmitted science. after 2500 hours on ksp. i just put down my angry keyboard .the frustration done is big back in ksp. I really hope that a big patch is on the way! you broke my favorite game !! i love your work and this game @SQUAD ! why no test BG before lunch ?
  12. if during a mooring. the two ships remained separated. like two different ships, just stuck. able to exchange resources. and put an option on the docking port to choose to merge the ships (in case of space station or other). /edit: why not an engineer present (maybe even in eva) for the merger (Bill will come to connect all his)/ it may be possible to make moorings brief less violent (for the robotics part but also the rest). I do not know if it's a good idea. it will be so much cool for fuel exchange on the ground. thank you for all your hard work @SQUAD and all the team your game is more and more amazing
  13. planetary docking with robotic part is complicated. this creates a lot of bug. the docking creates a very violent jerk .the piston breaks at each faith. it remains intact but we have a bizarre behavior. the ship starts to move by itself . maybe he dance with the kraken. the docking port stopped working. I often have orders that remain blocked. the wheels only accelerate the SAS turns round.using the default command yet often symmetry problems with the rotor and the advanced miror symmetrie. they do not turn in the same direction. the problem does not exist with the hinges. its possible to dock a robotic arm to him-slef . i like that but does not work all the time. and if i dock a part at the end of my robotic arm (science contener) I tried to dock it at the rover (owner of the arm) I can. but if I unplug the arm of the science contener, the contener sci it also detaches the rover at the same time . its a problem. I also have a funny thing. I have a flag that chases my rover everywhere. he is in love ! I need the docking works.we need the docking works !! I thought it might be cool to be able to on / off the docking port's aspiration. it will be necessary to soften the physical jolt during a mooring. (no matter the weight or the size of the objects). also the physical shock after a time warp. KAL forget action group . these problem really prevents me from taking advantage of this DLC .
  14. i have some little problem when i want to dock with a robotic arm . that explode . how can i do to do this safe ? is not possible to use throttle key (maj,ctrl,w,x) as the rotation and translation key ? (i want to use the throttle jauge on the navsphere to my propeler. i want to do this with my wheels for choose vitess) .the dlc is soo cool ! thanks @SQUAD
  15. we can't use the throttle key ? maj ctrl w x ? if i want it in mod 1or 2 or 3 ... for the propeler but desactivate him in default mode. i want control a propeler like a rocket