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  1. hello, i have a question about anchoring ships. Will this option be available on ships already landed on the current version? or will we have to land new ships? thanks
  2. it's a shame what happens for the studio trying to develop ksp2 ... it becomes difficult to dream of this game . I would have dreamed a lot more if this project was a @SQUAD project. because the results are there. @SQUADmade me dream on ksp, like no other game. I know that if @SQUAD had decided to develop ksp 2, it would be a monument. something completely incredible. because of their experience on ksp1. but this is a dream. thank you @SQUAD for working so well on ksp1.
  3. Hello, sorry to bother you . I have a little problem with tac life support, when I instal I can run the game only the first time. the next times the game stops at the beginning of loading. a small window opens, with a small kerbal character with an exclamation point and a small loading bar. the window is named: Kerbal Space Program-Unity 2019.2.2f1_ab11 ... I have a screenshot but I dont know how post it here... if I delete the mod the game is working again. can somebody help me ? thanks PS: 1.8.1 kerbal alarm klock ; community ressource
  4. it's really bad what is said on this topic. too much ungrateful player. it's ugly. I regret to have opened this topic and I apologize for the nullity that can be read here. Yes they make money with their game. as you earned money with your work, where is the problem? This topic was not open for talking about this. No more spitting on squad. you're lucky that squad work on this game. if you are not happy go play at ea games.
  5. oh ok, so I'm waiting for 1.8.1. I hope that it will solve my worries.
  6. I really would like the next update to be dedicated to stability and bug fixes. I just started a backup on 1.8 and my second mission on minmus I started having problems. the element braking ground could not transmit science, so I played a little with time. my rocket went through the ground and it's destroyed. I think that given the quality of content that you are creating it would be cool to solve the problem that breaks a save in a few seconds.At the moment, I admit that I have not even turned on the game because the settings do not fit and with the other problem it's just tiring. than
  7. I would love to have all this explanation on the propeller in French. google trad can not translate the page . good job realy
  8. cool ! natural image. I did not change it !
  9. WOW! how to explain to you ? my heart exploded in small pieces, then it's rebuilt to exploded again.I did not imagine a ksp 2 on fire! especially something so incredible and impressive ! @SQUAD you are the developer team that allowed me to discover the space the way I wanted to discover it . I'm going to have over 2500 hours of play and I'm still learning things and I always have fun . I'm starting to think that I'm going to be played at KSP all my life lol no other game is able to bring me so much possibility in such a stable way. you earned an Oscar for your wonderful work. and an Oscar
  10. ho my god ! its chrismas this week ? the @SQUAD machine is crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you really !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. that's what you had to do and you did it! this is so cool . this small update announces great potential. thank you @SQUAD ! I would like to be able to eject a kerbal from a cockpit with action groups lol :)
  12. I can use to climb up a hill on Eve? its very cool
  13. ok its for walking . or avoid sliding .thank you for the parts and the explain I'm eager to see examples of use
  14. wow! what this ? can we have explain ? its new part ? i love that ? what is it ? it is foot ? kerbalkiss
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