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  1. Okay, so, quick question: How long will you guys support 1.2.2? Given that 1.3 (again) wiped out most of the mods (many of them crashing right now, see link below), I am hoping that 1.2.2 gets supported for a while longer, so we can enjoy the many mods that are available for it (including, finally, FAR!)
  2. [1.2.2] Realism Overhaul v11.5.1 - 06/12/2017

    The next version of Kerbal Space Program (currently at 1.2.2, but the next is probably going to be 1.3). As for when that happens: So far as I have been able to tell, nobody knows. FAR seems to have given up waiting for 1.3 and just released a new version for 1.2.2 (yay to all of us who were waiting for this!). If you want RO, you will just have to make due with the dev version for 1.2.2 right now and install manually.
  3. To put it simply: Kerbin is smaller (a lot smaller) than earth. In fact, it is smaller than our own real life Moon (!!). Just google "comparison size Kerbin earth", and you'll see just how strongly scaled everything is. In addition, all the celestial objects are ludicrously close, compared to real life. Now, why would this matter, you wonder? Because RSS rescales all the planets and solar system to its real size, which means: If you have a rocket that gets you from Kerbin to Mun, and you try the same from Earth to the Moon, it will never succeed (actually, I think you would not even reach orbit). In particular, fuel to weight ratios in KSP stock are not the same as in real life. Playing RSS without any other mods is possible, but a pain in the neck. That's where RO comes in. Together with it, the rocket designs you build in KSP actually get remarkably similar to real life designs (given that KSP is an awesome, but very crude approximation to how complex real space travel is).
  4. Try finding the dev version of FAR on CKAN for 1.2.2. Try finding Realism Overhaul. Try finding Infernal Robotics. Try finding all the many mods that are almost a requirement for RSS. You'll see the problem.
  5. That reminds me that I had the same problem. Also mod heavy install, but the predictions that Principia would give me were constantly off. I.e., I would be in orbit, burn retrograde, and be told that I would reach 20k m at periapsis. Except I would end up somewhere near 60k. Never noticed it before, but now that you mention it, the predictions always were heavily off when it came to deorbiting. I ascribed this simply to the integrator that Principia uses being too inaccurate, but now that I think about it more, the difference of a couple ten thousand meters is pretty relevant after all. Not sure I can make a useful bug report for now though, can't play KSP right now (Graphics card troubles)
  6. I guess that is possible (I mean, who cares about which planet it's orbiting?). But I doubt that this would solve the problem. Sarnus (equivalent of Saturn) has a lot of moons, and these are not necessarily stable either. I'm guessing there would be a way to find a region of stability, but as pleroy mentioned above, it's not easy and would take a lot of work. If we want a stable, bigger solar system, I guess that means waiting until RO and FAR are out of beta. (For those interested: Yes, if you are determined, you can get Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, FAR, and a whole bunch of other mods working in 1.2.2. But, fair warning: it is a pain in the neck, since you can't use CKAN, sometimes you need to build the mod yourself from the source code, run Perl scripts and in general have to live with some bugs until these are ironed out). Personally, I would love to help in the development, but I think my programming skills are pretty amateurish
  7. Hello again, @maccollo, @eggrobin, @nanomage After some fiddling around, I finally managed to simulate the system for around 6000 years. Unfortunately, it's as feared: With Outer Planet Mods installed, the systems are not stable. Even with the custom Kopernicus configuration mentioned here, Bop flies out of the system eventually. I'm guessing this is because OPM moves Eeloo to an orbit around Jool. Aside from trial and error, is there any way I can find out the right Kopernicus configuration to make everything stable? Then I could post my results here for future reference.
  8. Thanks for replying, @maccollo. I tried following your advice, but I wasn't able to figure out how to disable asteroids. A google search turned up nothing useful (only how to get rid of "tracked" asteroids, but I am not tracking any). I got myself a mod that allows a 10M times speedup, so far that's the fastest I have been able to go. (If you know how I can simulate even faster, please let me know). Would you happen to know anything I can do to easily check that nothing went wrong (including that no moons were ejected from their systems)? In that case, I would be happy to let the system simulate for a while and then report back. I am sure that Outer Planets Mod people would appreciate to know whether or not they can run Principia safely. Edit: I wrote before that the system simulates very slowly, but this seems to have been a temporary problem with my computer. The system is simulating quickly now, and I will report back with any results I can come up with.
  9. Hi @eggrobin Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have read your FAQ entry for Kopernicus users. Unfortunately, that small entry does not state how to make sure that the rest of the system is stable (i.e. how to simulate it, other than just letting the game run at max speed for a couple of hours). Would you have any more guidance on that, and what I should do if I find that the system is unstable? Second: Only the error on exiting EVA was fatal, and for that, I will try to reproduce it (luckily, I still have a save), but for the issue with the vessel sinking into the Mun, this doesn't even cause a crash. Anything else I could provide here for you? Kind regards.
  10. @nanomage Thanks for the reply. Did you also try the recommended steps of setting custom configurations in Kopernicus? I tried that, so far in my game the systems are stable, but then again, I'm only a few weeks in. I had another question to @eggrobin - How do I file a good bug report that is useful to you guys? Because I ran into a severe one. Simple run-down in case this is already helpful: With Principia installed, I tried to land on the Mun in career mode. Had a simple craft with landing struts equipped. Except, it's impossible to land, since I fall through the ground and explode (even if I touch down at only 1-3 m/s). I tried to land in several different spots, the problem always remained. The craft would "sink" into the ground approximately until the command pod, then there would be an explosion and a notification that good ole' Jeb has been killed (sometimes, the craft would bounce up, crew capsule intact, but it would still tell me that Jebediah was dead). I also noticed that every time I tried to land, there was a strange kind of rumble and jitter, about 1 meter from the surface of Mun, shortly before my craft sank and exploded. Now, at first, I thought this was a texture bug, or a problem with one of my (admittedly many) other mods. So, in an effort to see what would happen, I tried to hover just above the surface of Mun and then go to EVA, which would make my game crash. The "stderr.log" notes: F0423 13:24:04.924788 6664 interface.cpp:642] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at principia.ksp_plugin_adapter.PrincipiaPluginAdapter+<AdvanceAndNudgeVesselsAfterPhysicsSimulation>d__89.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 So, after reading this, I tried to remove Principia, and now everything works. I can land on the moon just fine, and there are no more game crashes. Not quire sure what causes this, or if I'm the only one affected, but I hope you guys can fix it. Principia is by far my favorite mod. Kind regards, and best of luck. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. PS: If I could, I would love to fix this myself, or to contribute to what you guys do. I do have some C++ experience, and even some experience in computational science (mostly molecular dynamics simulations), but I never contributed to an OS project before and am not really sure where I would even begin to find that bug, or how to contribute "correctly".
  11. A quick question: Since it seems that Realism Overhaul & Ferram are not going to be released for 1.2.2 anytime soon (RO especially is almost mandatory for playing with Real Solar System), I have been using a mod called "Outer Planets Mod" (see link below). Is the solar system with this still stable? Since it adds quite a lot of bodies (including a version of Pluto), I am worried of a body either getting ejected from the solar system or crashing into another. I read something on Principia github briefly mentioning this, but how can I find out for myself?
  12. Can someone direct me to ferram aerospace for 1.2.2?

    Thank you very much for your replies, @DrLicor & @steve_v. What you write sounds slightly above my level, so I think in that case, I will try to contribute in other areas until I at least understand a little more about the technical side of KSP. Best of luck, and I hope to contribute to this mod sometime in the future.
  13. Can someone direct me to ferram aerospace for 1.2.2?

    This might be a really stupid question, but... I searched and found the Github archive, and it seems to me that the language used is mostly C# (correct me if I'm wrong). Now, I've never worked on an open source project, or any modding, and I have never programmed in C# (So far, mostly in C++, Python and Java, for whatever that's worth). Is there still any way for me to help bring FAR to Ksp 1.2.2?