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  1. Two questions: 1. Does it come with this cool ass ship? 2. Can you post a mod list?
  2. How do I download this, sorry for being derpy...
  3. I've put more the 6 camers but in the I can ony acces 2-3 and the other are "lost single"... any idea how to fix that?
  4. Does this work with the new version of EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements?
  5. Can someone make a video on this mod? I want to check it out with my save but I want to see where is every star now and how it looks. I know he showed us the told us, but i prefer it in a video...
  6. I guesse, but forsome planets it's just not nacicary, like Eeloo... I install the 8k textures only because they have clouds in it and some textures pack make a HUGE difference from the deafult planets, that's an eye candy for me.
  7. Yes. It's still only helping if you zoom in like hell, it's not like I couldn't see the mounties before the 8k, but again it's not really game changing for me...
  8. I know, but for me it does not really matter, but again it's just me...
  9. I see I made alot of people mad... Well the thing is I don't zoom that much in Kerbin, that is why I only use the clouds mod. I actully have a good eye sight and really, I don't see any difference... but again, everyone with thier own opinion. Edit: And by difference I mean I see it's more HD, but it's not game changing thing. It's only good if you zoom in like hell.
  10. The thing is that Squad's textures are beautiful as they are, for instance I don't notice any difference with 8k and the defulte textures. People just love the feeling when they have something "HD" even if you don't see the difference.
  11. New link: https://mega.co.nz/#!F5gzHYBS!EHkdtgADjnXGt5buRipUTDxjcOtzEBm-vGDjKnNHcuM\ Putting up new Zip download. Zip download: https://mega.co.nz/#!RoAw3IbA!XvE9N0zCY1816LAh-jPFrz7KytpM7ZFycPn-ZvPHONI And I vote for planet surface.
  12. Same, meanwhile I use the "Black EVA" mod, you should try it. By the way, this mod should be renamed to "Universal Replacer" becuase now you can change Kerbals as well!
  13. I don't know but I think it's kinda pointless, because you can't really see the eva suit because the Kerbal's body is so small. But it might just be a good idea.
  14. I was thinking of putting a troll face... But yeah that too!
  15. Well, you can't, atleast your textures looks freaking awesome! Will do. Edit: YEs! I got a great idea, I've masseged Sido and Spacex34, I want to combine our texture pack toghether! Hope they'll replay posivatly.
  16. Same, but I don't know how to extract the template from the game, is it legal to post the download of the template?
  17. Oh god yes, godamit I need a tamplate! Is it illigle to send it in PM? and another question, can you paint on there helmet's glass?
  18. Cheers, hople you'll feel better, and I have one request from you in this video, if you can show one of my mods (which are the Sol System or the better Moho), because as I see recently everyone is doing spacex34 mod and readen's skybox only...
  19. Hey white owl! Could you do a mod review for this mod?
  20. Lol forgot I already made it: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/44135-0-21-x-Universe-Replacer-v3-0?p=581617&viewfull=1#post581617 Here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!8EAnSL5Z!OAyLBQqrQtlmfL0GT8fcQg!EBYyXRxA Download the true colors version
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