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  1. Hey guys, I have a question. I really want to install this, but I can't seem to make it work. I went through the Readme file, and the download comes with all the required parts. However, the stuff doesn't show up. It did take away the stock cupola like it's supposed to, though. Any tips or hints on what to try?
  2. Well, I finally made it to Eve! I had lots of fun working on designs to allow me to get there, and learning how to change my orbit to get to Eve. But the probe I was sending kept having some Issues... Here I am!! made it to Eve, and Earned about 1400 Science! My sister just loves me referring to Science the way the game is written (She's a biology major, so she's studied a lot of real science) This probe does need more solar panels, though. The problem I was having, though, was entry into the atmosphere. Here's my rocket / just the probe. After 2 trial probe
  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I have been pretty thoughtful in my placement of RCS thrusters, so I know those aren't the issue. I will have to look into getting that mod soon, if I plan to do much in the way of docking.
  4. Thanks! I found out through trial and error, that the stock docking indicator is only good until you're about 10m away. after that, I had to dock by eye-balling it. It was kinda fun, and kinda annoying that I had to figure out to just ignore the nav ball and wing it. How necessary / helpful are mods? Do they change the gameplay much, or just really enhance it?
  5. Thank you everyone for your tips/tricks/pointers/advice. I have temporarily abandoned the space station in my pictures, and have started a different one at the moon. I was able to complete a docking maneuver there. Very rewarding! Many re-loads to learn how, and I finally figured out what I needed to do to get my crafts in relative position, speed, and orbit to use the control thrusters to bring the 2 parts together. I will probably take a second look into my first craft to recover it soon. Thank you all!!
  6. I was controlling the science module, the one behind the command capsule. I had them both facing the same direction when I was at my maneuver point, but for the screen shots I waited until I was in the light.
  7. 1. Yes, pure stock game, no mods. 2. I habent unlocked different size docking nodes yet. 3. I'm 'assuming' it's built correctly, the nodes snap-locked into place when I built them. Do you guys think I should drop the current science module, and try again? I'm thinking maybe remove one of the large fuel tanks, and make a small stage just to maneuver the craft into position.
  8. No I don't. I think that's the big problem I'm having, is the rendezvous.
  9. here's the science lab docking port and the command module port.
  10. So should I match my velocity before i get within 100m? Say, 500-1000?
  11. Here's my 2 vessels. The command module, and the science lab. The lab still has the last stage of the rocket on it.
  12. Here's a view of the 2 vessels in close proximity. they get closer, but they move away quite quickly.
  13. 1. Yes, pure stock game, no mods. 2. I habent unlocked different size docking nodes yet. 3. I'm 'assuming' it's built correctly, the nodes snap-locked into place when I built them. No, I wasn't checking that. I'll have to try that. Pics incoming. (was cleaning house..)
  14. I'm sorry, I must have explained it a little wrong. They aren't pushing each other, they aren't even meeting up.
  15. So, I'm having terrible (seeming) issues docking. I have my 2 modules on a perfect line, a closing speed of about 2 m/s, and once i get about 40m away, they just seem to rocket apart from each other. I've spent about 3 hours this morning trying, and I'm going to take a break. I have spent a decent amount of time getting their orbits to match up, to the point that the 2 encounters are .1km apart, and relative speeds of >5m/s. What else am I missing in trying to dock? This is my first time trying this maneuver, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I've looked up several tutorials, but
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