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  1. I had this issue (also running windows 10 on a clean client) and it happened soon after I installed a new antivirus software. I ran the exe as administrator and it works just fine now. Apparently the AV was blocking its file access before I ran as admin.
  2. Yes I have. Three times as a matter of fact.
  3. Idgo

    How to Flyby Multiple Planet

    There is a simple answer to any KSP question, especially those regarding complicated missions. P L A N A H E A D Look at the planets, figure out where they will be at your optimal launch time, and figure out exactly when to launch, where to go up, and where/when to maneuver node out of orbit.
  4. I'm running the latest build (1.3) on Windows and I'm not seeing a single contract for taking tourists on suborbital flights. I read that once you've gotten into orbit they won't show up so the farthest I've achieved so far has been suborbital (to space but nothing sustained). Was this bad info or am I missing something? I have completed and denied several contracts to get some tourists to show up, but that hasn't worked at all.
  5. Idgo

    Hello from Kerbin!

    Hey everyone! I'm a new member to the forum and a fairly new player of Kerbal Space Program. Most of what I've done is career games in which I haven't gotten very far, and playing around in sandbox (often with infinite fuel ). I'm just looking for advice on both this forum, and making more efficient career games. Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
  6. Idgo

    Not getting VIP ferry contracts

    As long as I don't break Jeb's leg (or entire skeletal system) I'll be happy!
  7. Idgo

    Not getting VIP ferry contracts

    Thanks Tex. I'm now already in orbit around Kerbin preparing to make the maneuver node for my first Munar flyby to get that contract. Wish me luck! I'll need it
  8. Idgo

    Not getting VIP ferry contracts

    Thanks. I'm still working on consistently getting into space and coming back without killing Jeb. I have achieved stable orbit but then I ran out of fuel so that didn't go too well xD
  9. I'm playing in career mode (running WindowsPlayer x64) and I'm not receiving any of the contracts for ferrying VIPs (flying them into space and landing safely). Is there something I need to do first to unlock those contracts? Additional information: playing on easy mode (yeah I'm a noob I know) I've achieved suborbital flight and have researched the mk1 crew cabin (General Construction)