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  1. I just put 8 ftl drives and a nuclear reactor on a ship and it worked so
  2. I might be doing this wrong because I keep exploding while the drive is spinning up I know that this is intentional but I'm just wondering how to fix this?
  3. I was looking at amp servers and nobody was ever on there. so I was wondering does no body use dmp? or am I looking at the wrong server.
  4. Could you provide a link for these? I can't find them anywhere. either that or I'm very wrong.
  5. the hv-kv missile in the bda legacy parts does work in space because it has rcs thrusters. and what I'm looking for is a mod addition that adds more things like that.
  6. Im looking for a bda add-on that adds weapons for orbital combat. I was wondering if you knew of one.
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