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  1. MajesticEagle98

    KSP Discord channel?

    bro feel free to join my new server dedicated to ksp enjoy if u join! this is the [(Moderator edit) Reddit] ksp discord
  2. MajesticEagle98

    my ksp discord!!!!

    hey guys i dont mind if you join but i just made a new kerbal space program discord! feel free to hang out with me! join here: enjoy your stay!
  3. MajesticEagle98


    woah cool nvr knew thanks for response!
  4. MajesticEagle98


    yo guys is there an end to career mode? has anyone made it? just curious
  5. MajesticEagle98

    Is there CameraTools for 1.3

    Is there a CameraTools Mod for KSP 1.3? I need it for my new KSP YouTube Channel. If you have any information please link the mod or tell me what you know about this topic. Thank you!
  6. MajesticEagle98

    Community Tech Tree

    Hey guys, I recently installed the mod 'Community Tech Tree' while playing career mode I wanted to check out the new branches added to the tree by this mod. There was one problem though, a lot of the branches didn't have parts showed in them and were still researchable. Is it just me or is it the mod? What other mods have i must install to get Community Tech Tree to 100% work? Thank you!
  7. MajesticEagle98

    Any Good Laptops Suitable for KSP?

    Thank you so much, I'll look more into this laptop and maybe buy it!
  8. I'm pretty new to KSP started just 2 months ago and have landed on the mun once (i didn't get back). The computer I play on is very slow, it crashes a lot which is frustrating, especially when you build a huge rocket that you forgot to save. I'm currently looking for an upgraded computer, but i can't find a decent one for about $300. So, can you guys help out. Thank you for all your help!
  9. MajesticEagle98

    Can I convert KSP to console?

    I'm planning to buy an Xbox One, but first I need information. I've already purchased KSP on my computer so, can I somehow just enter my account information on Xbox One without having to re-purchase the game? Please let me know of any info related to this topic. Thank you!
  10. MajesticEagle98