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  1. They’re not in the 0.7. Any plans on a 0.7.1 release or are you guys holding off for the big 1.8 update?
  2. Check the KSRSS files for where they rename stuff. Then copy that into a new cfg that runs in a pass after PBC loads its names. If KSRSS comes with its own contracts then you can also just delete the PBC contracts file, or rename it to .cfg.disabled so it won’t load.
  3. Holy boosters! How much work did you put into supporting this many mods from day 1?! i am totally going to check this out soon ™! ps. With regards to the spacetux folder, afaik MM can do nested folders, unless that somehow only works for expansions. NEEDS[SpaceTuxFolder/SpecificMod] Re: FINAL usage, though I will respect your choice regardless; imo it’s better to use FOR or LAST and let the few mods that tinker after that be incompatible. Otherwise it’s just the same ‘race to Final’ that caused the before/for/after/last passes to be born. Especially LAST[] exists for a reason. Anyone going there instead of FOR will have a very specific reason for it.
  4. Look, I love new stuff as much as the next guy, but honestly I’d rather take a break from new stuff for another polish phase. 1.8 looks like (the start of?) such a phase, so let’s cheer the devs on gooo devs!
  5. Is “Kerbal for scale” going to be a thing now?
  6. Check your output.log file. It lists every modified part and every patch that modifies it.
  7. Using KJRnext by any chance? That mod is known to bug out with robotics. Not sure if the newest version has a fix.
  8. Just a heads-up; if you’re going to use Dmagic’s Orbital Science mod [x] Science will show but not activate them. If you download dmagics scienceanimategeneric module mod (CKAN) and MM a patch that replaces his scienceanimate modules with the generic module, they work flawlessly. Also, welcome back your mod was one of the first I picked up back then.
  9. Thanks a bunch, I’ll check this out when I have time to play again! Even at 1440p the scaling irks me at times. Hope the licensing bit works out
  10. Feature request: Automatically ‘set’ the target location after ‘picking’ it. (Should improve usability and reduce bug reports ) Is that possible with the current inner workings? @maja
  11. Be sure to set the target after selecting coordinates or a waypoint.
  12. So uhm.. about that Deployed Science spam regression.. We can haz hotfix?
  13. Check to make sure the probecore (which one is it?) is set as a probe and not debris. If you can’t change it in the probecore PAW you should be able to change it in the Tracking Station.
  14. Thank you very much! With regards to the ROCs.. meh, thats squad’s problem to solve I wish you the best. May the force odds dV be in your favor
  15. You don’t need to fiddle with those cfgs. Check out the white/blacklist system.
  16. I always wondered why Squad didn't just add a variant to the Mk3 cockpit, one with the 1.25m node, and one with a perfectly smooth and stumpy nosecone. It's very hard to find a part that fits nicely on the Mk3 because it's a rather unique shape, so a variant would be right at home
  17. EVE itself is the framework that allows changes/additions to the Environmental Visuals. All visual packs use EVE to do their thing. BoulderCo is the name of the ‘default’ settings if one were to want to use EVE, but no other visual pack. SVE, Spectra, AVP, Sci-Fi, they’re all visual packs that provide configurations for the EVE framework. I saw you got it up and running, but since I remember being very confused about EVE and visual packs at first I thought I’d share this bit. Check the link in my signature. There’s a known bug in Kopernicus 1.7.3-1 that will slow your game down on ocean-less bodies. The slowdown is affected by partcount.
  18. Check the OP. Mods are a personal preference, but I would recommend at least getting DMagic’s Orbital Science, because getting science... lets just say this ain’t easy mode anymore (Especially when combined with upscaled planets like JNSQ) Science is balanced to be easier to get on kerbin at the first few nodes, but Mun/minmus aren’t the 1000’s of science per visit they normally are. Overall it’s a quicker ramp-up, but you really have to work for it once you get past the 300 science nodes. Lets just say that (with JNSQ, which is 2.7x scale) I haven’t gotten the science lab yet after quite a bit of playing (though I tinker more than I play). So by the time you even unlock the lab, you’ll know how much it’s worth for you
  19. For me; every scene change. Setting them in the Space Centre says “Default warp set to [customWarpProfileName]” but upon scene change it will revert to default.
  20. I honestly thought this was default behavior :| It works fine in KSP 1.7.3, with the caveat mentioned in the post before yours.
  21. @Thrimm good to see you around these parts again! (Pun intended) I’m not sure if you hear about the Breaking Ground grippyPads (™) but it may be nice to add the PhysicMaterial module to the dome bottom to make them grip the surface nicely. I think this requires setting a material/transform up for it in a modeling program, but if Squad can do it, it can’t be hard
  22. You mean making a procedural part that is made of this stuff? sounds cool, though I wonder how useful it is beyond the initial cool-factor. (And how performance would be if one got liberal with placement)
  23. Thank you for the play-by-play on what mod/plug-in does what! Ive been wondering about that for a while! also: nummer zes