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  1. Hi Folks, As you may see by my forum registration date, I am no spring chicken when it comes to KSP. I remember when these forums were black and white placeholders and when KSP was in V.0.11. To let you know how old I am with regards to KSP, I am included in the deal that Squad made with KSP veterans many years ago that makes me eligible for free DLC for life. I also remember when KSP was so badly written that it crashed your computer every 30-45 minutes (or turned it into a frying pan), not only took up 2-3 gigs without mods, but that's beside the point! Further, I also remember the days when you had to download a zip file and extract it the the documents folder. That installer programme was a welcome surprise. All of this said, I have been away for quite a few years, many years, mainly due to life events and a general malaise, and I am hoping to come back with all the enthusiasm I had before. I remember having a great expertise in the buliding of aircraft, I used to make aeroplanes that performed very well and were also very aesthetic, and I still retain that seemingly-lost skill of getting to the Mun without Mechjeb or the orbital map. No, I'll never tell it! Although, there is a whole solar system out there to explore, there was in the times that I quit, and I'm sure they have developed. I hope to learn very much. Also, never underestimate the orbital map. I sure wish I had it when I started playing! Although, modding was easier back then, I myself made engines you could go everywhere with, but the game's changed, so it's really a balance of everything. I'll never forget going to a different planet with a painfully-updated TARDIS mod though! Yes, the original TARDIS mod. It was glorious, you could edit the numbers and travel for months with one craft. Overall, It's great to be back aboard. Shipmates, It's great to be re-activated and serving once more with you. To those who remember me, know that you're getting the same old Flyme. For those who are just meeting me for the first time, know that you're meeting a really relaxed guy with a very sensitive BS meter and a great sense of humour. To everybody, If you have any questions as to the very early days, please PM them to me, I'll answer them to the best of my hazy memory. Also, if I have any questions as to the new stuff, would you please answer them for me? Thank you very much. Best regards and 73s from Old Timer Flyme!
  2. Hello everybody, I had a huge essay written, but I deleted it in favor of a short, simple, to the point post. I'm resigning as of this thread. The KSP community has nothing left for me and I just randomly click links trying to find something on here that I have even a blink of interest in. I don't play KSP anymore, either. I'm also trying to cut down on my use of electronics and this forum isn't helping any. I'm moving onto greener pastures, as the saying goes. I will be reading, but not replying to any comments left on this thread. Merry Christmas to you all. Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen. ~Flymetothemun, signing off for the last time.
  3. Once the mods come through here this thread'll be locked up tighter than Fort Knox.
  4. It's because the Navy has something the Army doesn't. Specifically this: Don't believe me? The Steelers have a song like this too, and they've won at least 5 super bowls and are, in my opinion, the best team in the NFL:
  5. Nuclear. Renewable energy in its' current state requires a lot of heavy metals (particularly with solar) and is too inefficient. But if you wanna put up a couple turbines or some panels for yourself and you're willing to pay for them go ahead. As for the climate change debate, I think it IS changing, but we can't do anything about it. I think it's just a cycle of warming and cooling. We affect the planet in all kinds of ways, but in this way I think we're just along for the ride. In the words of George Carlin: "The planet is fine, the people are f---ed!" And I think that some sources of data might also be edited by those with agendas to push and government bribes to be had rather than science to do. And you have certain hypocrites who push this agenda while they take private jets everywhere and have multiple homes.As you can see I don't trust the evil, lying, thieving organization known as the UN and the US Government. Nor do I trust ANY Government, nor do I trust the corporations or the mainstream media. *applause*
  6. As somebody who has a mild interest in electronics, how can somebody be that stupid? Exploding power supplies? Malfunctions because of efficiency? Talk about stupid. That's getting dangerously close to politician stupid. Whoever wrote the answer Gerula quoted must be denser than depleted uranium.
  7. I like metal. Iron's my favorite, but carbon steel's a close second. And I like covers. Fedoras, bowlers, pith helmets, I like most all covers. This wasn't satisfying. All jokes aside, I like MJ, but I think this wasn't a good interpretation of him. The rhythm line always plays a big part in MJ's music but if you're having a seizure on the drum kit it becomes like TV static, it means nothing. Also, the vocals are always very finely tuned and sung, and I think singing like you're a primate with a mental disorder doesn't help with the intended goal. I won't go on, but mind this: I HATE, HATE, HATE metal music with the passion of one million fiery suns.
  8. I've avoided Facebook for privacy reasons all this time. Little did I know I'd be caught in an amateurish, 4th-grade programming project-esque copy of it. Squad wasted their money. Every day this forum software is active I inch ever closer to the point where I put in my resignation. It's already written, all I need to do is pull the proverbial trigger.
  9. My machine doesn't have backlit keys. Although I'll have to see what the new keyboard does; the old one finally gave up the ghost after 5 years and a new one's on order; I'm just using an old USB keyboard I had laying around, although if my machine doesn't have backlit then it probably doesn't have the capability in the ribbon connector for backlit. I dunno. And I am certain that it is the fan getting clogged; it was overheating just a couple weeks ago and I opened it up, opened up the fan, and there was a 1/4 inch carpet of built-up dust blocking the air from going through the radiator and over the heat pipe. I usually have to clean the thing out once every 6 months, but every time I do it runs as cool as it ran when it was new.
  10. Probably not too many; it sounds like it's tooled to run astronomical calculations and not play video games. But, then again, this is NASA, they aren't funded to play stupid video games, they're funded to research and increase understanding and awareness of astronomy and space in general.
  11. I'd think that the idea behind a destroyer is to destroy the threat before it can hit you.
  12. I've helped a fellow forum user with some issues that i'm not at liberty to talk about and he's helped me whenever I was depressed. Eventually the depression stopped of it's own accord but it helped so much to have somebody to talk to. I'm not sure of his current state, but I can at least attest to how much this forum's helped. I disagree with a lot of things on this forum, including but not limited to the developers and the moderators, but it's helped me and that's one of the reasons why I stay.
  13. Hopefully some museum will buy her or they'll turn her into a museum. 4.4bil is too much for 40 years in my opinion. And if they can keep the USS Constitution afloat for 200 years they can surely keep this new ship afloat for a little while.
  14. For Sale: A nice home fit for a king. Previous owner had many computers and scientific equipment installed into walls. 32,000 Cubic feet. Former government building. Has central heating and cooling. Solar panels were installed by previous owner. Long commute to anywhere. Internet is slow and may be spotty from time to time. Previous owner built on many additions but took some off before sale. Great view. Excellent security with a great neighborhood. Please call for pricing, serious inquiries only: 1-067-555-1998.
  15. She looks less like a ship and more like a snowcap. But since the thing cost 4.4 billion it better last a long time.
  16. My toshiba lappy's overheated a few times. It's always the exhaust, it gets clogged up with dust and detritus and then I have to open the sucker up, unscrew the metal top on the fan, and clean off the fan blades and the heat pipe radiator. But judging by how hot the thing gets sometimes the thermal compound and heat pipe contact is alright. And Moesly, I've done stupid stuff like this. Before the right side cut out completely (dropped from 6 feet onto hard floor), I was keeping the right speaker of my headphones going by bending the wire to where it would sound and I superglued it to the side. But I hope you took a wire brush and/or sandpaper to your copper plates. And for goodness sakes, next time you do this don't use a little pair of wire cutters to cut your copper, Go down to your local hardware store, get a nice pair of channel lock dikes and a bottle of 3 in 1 oil. Use the dikes to cut your copper and keep all the metal surfaces oiled (you might as well stay stupid if you oil the rubber grips). Don't be stupid and try to cut bolts or heavy wire with it, if you take care of a pair of channellock dikes (or any channelock tool really) you'll give them to your grandkids. You could use cooking oil but I like the 3 in 1. Cooking oil's too heavy for my taste, I don't feel confident that the oil's everywhere in the cracks where I can't slather the oil on with my fingers. Whatever you do, make sure the oil's light, don't use motor oil or any slow moving oil. If you don't keep it oiled, it'll rust and your tool will be close to junk.
  17. Heh, the oldest thing I own is an American History book from the late 1800's.
  18. "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." - Benjamin Franklin
  19. I'm one of the "young'uns" that are being talked about in this thread, though I've never said anything intentionally malicious in IRC. The oldest computer I've ever used is an Apple II and that's becaue one of my old teachers owned a bunch of them and kept them in his classroom with a bunch of old floppies. I can't give you any specific names or models beyond BBC Microcomputer, Sinclair, Amiga, Altair, and Commodore 64, and that's only because I've researched teletypes, punchcards, and old methods of telecommunication. I don't eschew old computation for being 'archaic" or "underpowered", I celebrate it because without them our modern computers wouldn't be here. I would also be excited if I had the opportunity to operate old computers. I think it's pretty neat that middle-aged folks are playing KSP. At the end of the day, I don't care about your age, I care about your passion for KSP and/or space. Anybody who thinks less of somebody just because they're old is foolish.
  20. I really hope your remaining time together with her is joyful and happy. Please surround her with comfort and care and love, she truly deserves it. If you ever need to talk about anything feel free to PM me.
  21. Nope, it's someplace that's called the [town name] Hilton (town name omitted for privacy). The place used to be a farmer's club back in the 1920's, then it was a general store, then a boarding house, then a sportsman club, and then the bar it is today. One story I heard from the Hilton was that a guy sat down in a chair and all 4 legs busted through the floor. Another one I heard was that the men's toilet broke off at the base and tipped over on it's side when somebody was sitting on it. Another story was that some guy got ahold of a kangaroo somehow, skinned it, and left the skin out to dry on the top of the flagpole. It's been a LONG time since I went in, maybe 10 years, but when I went in there the bathroom lights didn't work and there was a work light in there as a replacement. The guy that owned it was still using the mechanical register from the 20's. And if you ever go there, you can say that you survived the place and you have bragging rights that you went in there. It's pretty much my region in a building. And the only way you can get to it is by a dirt road on the bank of a river and a wooden bridge you have to cross, and not a new wood bridge either. And did I mention the fact that the food menu only consists of a 1/2 pound burger (that's probably all deer meat), a ham and cheese sandwich, and fries?
  22. Extending your comment, a common pattern in American schools (I have firsthand experience, nothing empirical, just observations from the many schools I was sent to) is that there are a few smart kids, a bunch of stupid kids, and a single weird kid, no more, no less. And the unspoken rule was that if you didn't know who was the weird one, you were the weird one. I never knew who was the weird one. My theory is that Jebediah doesn't know who is the weird one also so that's why he smiles so wide. I never really "got" anime, I never understood the appeal of it. I've tried watching snippets of whatever I could find (never paid attention to any titles) and I thought "They obsess and pine over THIS!?" But DAMN if that isn't a well-drawn picture.
  23. I'd love to be able to customize the colors. A portion of the trouble I have with this new forum is the horrible low-contrast "ultra-modern" (AKA unusable & frustrating) color scheme.
  24. You should see a place around my area. the bathroom sinks are all cracked, the toilet tanks and bowls have a few 1/4" wide cracks in them, the bathroom doors don't close all the way and have sharpie graffiti all over the walls, ceiling and floor, the food sucks, all the tables and chairs will be stacked up even if they're open, the arcade machines and the jukebox don't work but are plugged in, the place smells like mold and cigarettes, and the beers are crazy expensive. The place still manages to stay open though. And I won't ever report it because it's a treasure, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you'd ever be foolish enough to report it you'd be a public enemy for years and years to come.
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