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  1. I am not able to see the parts like you are showing. How do you deploy them so they can be used? I have tried with both Bill and Bob and they are at level 3 and all I get is that they can drop them.
  2. I have submitted this to the team Can I suggest that the next upgrade allows engineers to carry higher mass limits the more experience they have? Or instead of a parachute they can have a trolley and that is able to be pushed. Starting at SEQ-3 for 2 Stars, SEQ-9 for 3 and SEQ-24 at say 4/5 stars for the mass it can have. An option could be motorising it with small solar panels. Not to replace a full rover but to allow the engineer to go a small, <2 km, distance to help fix and setup things.
  3. I would suggest that they have a bug reporting site. That way all can report and track bugs as they occur. Would be in a standard format, including logs. To assist I would expect that they have documentation on how to describe the bug, get the logs and upload them. Oh and a voting option so they can tell which ones we think are major bugs. Just my thoughts
  4. Small trolleys for engineers to use instead of having to have a rover on missions. Like a shopping cart. With higher level engineers having bigger push trolleys and maybe electric engines like you get on electric bikes. Also the option to include life support for harder levels. Easy to do a 20 year mission if you don't have to worry about food, water, oxygen and repairs when they break. Coil launch systems from airless bodies. Not rail guns but variable acceleration linear motors say up to 30km in length. That should get a dV of 3000m/s without high G
  5. I would like it if you can attach many pipes together. Say for in space refueling. Sort of like how fire trucks do it when they have a long distance to go. Or have wind out hoses from reels for various distance. Say up to 1km in distance. Ah but the longer the length the more likely it will burst and all the fuel will escape.
  6. With the upgrade how can you get an engineer to carry the cargo of a Communotron dts-m1 to do the Attach communotron dts-m1 on the spacecraft contract? I remove jetpack and parachute and can carry the DTS-M1. However without the jet pack how do you get to the other spacecraft and return?
  7. As best as I can work out here is the list. If I have it wrong then please update it. Thanks in advance scan sat contract and scanners to use Contract Any Multispectral or Low Resolution resource Use: MS-1 Multispectral Scanner Biome, Visual Low Res MS-R Enhanced Multispectral Scanner Biome, Visual Low Res, Resource Low Res MS-2A Advanced Multispectral Scanner Biome, Visual Low Res, Resource Low Res Contract Any Low Resolution Altimetry Use: R-3B Radar Altimeter Altimetry Low Res R-EO-1 Radar Altimeter Altimetry Low Res Contract Any High Resolution Res
  8. I finally found out what DMagic does what scan for the contacts and anomaly detection. When I get around to to doing it as a list will put it up here. Should be in the next week or so
  9. Has anyone done a video showing all the dMagic equipment and how to do them in regards to contracts?
  10. I think so. However the update to 1.10 has caused all the mods to crash so am starting again with those mods that work with 1.10. Will advise once I am at that level again.
  11. I have the issue that the Anomaly is always zero% even though all the rest are at 98% or higher. Mun in this case. What am I missing in my settings? KSP version is and SCANSAT is v20.4
  12. I think this would be a good addition. Also it might be that we could add disposal issues as well. Not all items are good for the kerbals when they are no longer being used.
  13. I am not clear on what you are saying. Do you mean that with the mods, all of them installed, the crafts dV only gets up to 20km (70 being orbit). What happens when you remove one or two of the mods. Does that make any difference?
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