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  1. we could have been making them over 2 decades ago with Astronomy, Space Science, Information and Communication Technology Divisions – CSIROpedia
  2. We have several other launch sites. One is located in the NT and is better for launching than at the Cape
  3. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eI4d3uD02KnJQsNJXfDMB9HFvC0rksLf?usp=sharing is my saved file. Am on the Mun
  4. no it does not allow me to run it by hand. Bob is at only level 3 though. Where do I put my save file?
  5. Is anyone seeing the issue that on Minmus and Mun that the Bio Drill Scan is showing up but can never be run? All it states is can't be run now. https://imgur.com/gallery/VvmHx88
  6. Also I find that having a probe controller that can detect anomalies helps. One of them is at 48%
  7. Given the dirty politics the new firm did to the developers and owners of KSP1 I will not be going to KSP2 unless they publicly apologize and make restitution
  8. It reckonises the bathymetry but shows it always as still to be done. When you actually run the experiment it shows zero to be collected after you run it the first time. Will get some logs up if you want. It only happens when you have it in splashdown and you only do it once. So I would not worry about it but just note in case other items do the same is all. Keep up the brilliant work
  9. just that the bathymetry science is not recognizing it has been done. I can get the science first time fine. But every other time I am in the water it shows that it is not done. But when I run the science it shows zero science to collect.
  10. found how to download it. I had to select the hyperlink. Just got tricked is all inside Github
  11. First sorry about not having the link in each time. Found it. It was called MiniAVC.dll.pruned. Deleted it The toolbar Button Visibility shows a lot more buttons but there are none for science reports of any type showing. screen shot and player logs located in dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/phc2l76cji4me6v/AACQgikGAYLuCtA1FyyB9kg3a?dl=0
  12. OK have removed the previous [x] science folder and as you can see I only have the [x]_Science! folder plus the other dependencies and they are the latest version as far as I am aware. But after a restart of the system and then starting KSP I am still not seeing any toolbar for [x] science. Images are in the dropbox location. I can see the Toolbar Button visibility but I am not seeing any [x] science toolbar. Have attached latest player log file to the dropbox as well
  13. Sorry was busy with things at home. The [x] Science was installed via CKAN. I have removed it and am testing again. Still no Science option I can see. Player log and screen shot aer in the drop box https://www.dropbox.com/sh/phc2l76cji4me6v/AACQgikGAYLuCtA1FyyB9kg3a?dl=0
  14. Sorry did not have the log file attached https://www.dropbox.com/sh/phc2l76cji4me6v/AACQgikGAYLuCtA1FyyB9kg3a?dl=0
  15. I do not see the [x] toolbar on my KSP screen. I do have the folders as recommended but nothing inside the actual game as can be seen in the various images https://imgur.com/gallery/ohzIEwq i know I am an idiot but what am I not setting to see the great science mod?
  16. What happens when you just try 2 on it? Can you put up the craft file or image so we can see your setup. That would make it easier for all of us to help with why it is happening.
  17. I am not able to see the parts like you are showing. How do you deploy them so they can be used? I have tried with both Bill and Bob and they are at level 3 and all I get is that they can drop them.
  18. I have submitted this to the team Can I suggest that the next upgrade allows engineers to carry higher mass limits the more experience they have? Or instead of a parachute they can have a trolley and that is able to be pushed. Starting at SEQ-3 for 2 Stars, SEQ-9 for 3 and SEQ-24 at say 4/5 stars for the mass it can have. An option could be motorising it with small solar panels. Not to replace a full rover but to allow the engineer to go a small, <2 km, distance to help fix and setup things.
  19. I would suggest that they have a bug reporting site. That way all can report and track bugs as they occur. Would be in a standard format, including logs. To assist I would expect that they have documentation on how to describe the bug, get the logs and upload them. Oh and a voting option so they can tell which ones we think are major bugs. Just my thoughts
  20. Small trolleys for engineers to use instead of having to have a rover on missions. Like a shopping cart. With higher level engineers having bigger push trolleys and maybe electric engines like you get on electric bikes. Also the option to include life support for harder levels. Easy to do a 20 year mission if you don't have to worry about food, water, oxygen and repairs when they break. Coil launch systems from airless bodies. Not rail guns but variable acceleration linear motors say up to 30km in length. That should get a dV of 3000m/s without high G
  21. I would like it if you can attach many pipes together. Say for in space refueling. Sort of like how fire trucks do it when they have a long distance to go. Or have wind out hoses from reels for various distance. Say up to 1km in distance. Ah but the longer the length the more likely it will burst and all the fuel will escape.
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