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  1. Mechjeb have a Flight Plan Module, I think, which is Beta, I know that It help in Pre-planning the burns, Deployment of antennas and Solar panels, and doing science experiments but I dont know how to use it, need help, Plz
  2. I want some tanks like soviet soyuz-alike booster tanks, can someone help me, I dont want a load of parts just those tanks, or textures and mesh I may handle the later. My apologises, some of request. 1) 2.5 M bottom node (long) 2) 2.5 M to 0.825M node (long, same as 1) 3) 2.5 M to 1.25 M node (small) Thanks for Viewing,
  3. That why I stopped Playing KSP for a time, they say a major update, but Its Just Localization and Asteroid Day mod Integration, plz help I need more info.
  4. Is this mod still working, if, i would love this.
  5. Did you expanded the Network from Kerbin-System to Kerbol-System?
  6. Whats the difference between KSP and KSPEdu, do i need to purchase it, while i have KSP, can i play both.
  7. Actually, Viking Engines are derived from Vikas Engines, Vikas Engines sent Francs, for New Technological Upgrades, these Engines came to known as Vikings so Upgrded Vikas and Viking are the Same, Only a change is its Origin (Vikas) and Derived (Viking).
  8. I had lots of time with Demo 1.0 before Full Version, Its very hard to get in Kerbin Orbit, Mun is quite easy. In tutorials, Launching, is a Rocket with 6 tank core with 2 tank upper stage, with 2 stages of Radial Solid Boosters, build the same rocket shown in Demo, but you will be required to launch a probe only, pack plenty of EC with panels and RW. Get in (with smooth hands) to Kerbin Orbit its hardiest in all the way up, Get the core (Once I did so) into Orbit or Upper one. Place a maneuver and execute it, set limiter to 10 or even 2 for finest burns. My many tries to Mun failed as I didn't knew anything about Maneuvers. My first probe accidentally crashed the mun, so check and wrap, 2nd probe, with fine burns, reached 500×500, later 100×100 and last 50×50 KM orbit later I got it in a Polar Orbit. 3rd probe, I Forgot to deploy Panels and lost control, had a Flyby. 4th, 5th, 6th probe failed while launching, it was wobbling Violently. 7th, no I got the Full Version, and had Demo Deleted, Only 1 impacted (better, reached surface) 1orbited.
  9. I would Prefer Placing GroundStations on Mün instead of Kerbin.
  10. Sry I Surrender, I Said Possibilities, with Future Tech not just Current, because Infinite Money also means faster and better research. If this would had happened, now, today, we might be texting on Planet, Orbiting A Red Dwarf, that too revolves 2 stars. And 80,000×78900 M orbit is still a NEAR Circular Orbit. No Budget constraints means much faster, better, larger research, and even the result.
  11. Hey, I'm saying possibilities, you do maths and other things, but if possible we can launch crewed missions to Habitable Exo-Solar System. Much easier, Faster, conditions if we aren't faced Money, Fuel, Competition, Work Force and Health Effects. I'm talking about 1st stage which is 16 radial SLS cores, and other stages like N-1 and Saturn, will exceed Velocity, and its first design, larger and complex designs will led to near Light Speed.
  12. Rockets heighted 10KM (1KM at least). Take N1core with 3-stages only and put a Saturn-V above it And but A Vulcan ( 2nd gen Energia, only Launcher on 3rd stage. With a Shuttle with features of Airavat, Buran, Hermes, CNSA and JAXA shuttle and US Shuttle (whatsoever its name is) boosted by 16 SLS core, radially. 1st stage, Boosters (16 SLS Core) will excced speed 10× Sun's Escape Velocity and will allow us achieve Near Light Speed and we will reach Best Habitable Planets.
  13. Try to use some Ramjets, just KSP style, a sleek opening on 2 sides, with deep (a bit only) narrow channel will pressurize faster and Higher. But problem is On Launch, It will need some pressure by external source, Later as it gain spped, more pressure and (obviously) more thrust due to more Oxygen in Combustion Chambers. [ Tested ] Use Recycled Materials, like Aluminum, from (Perfectly) cut Cans, or from Junk {New, purchase thin sheets and mold it with hands (Expert)}. Other material like Plastics (use only if you are Show Off Guy, or really Reporting and Cautious). * I when 12 (2 year ago, if I played KSP Early, I would poat the Video) used two Cola Cans and a wide (narrow end) Aluminum Funnel as engine with those RamJets. Used BlackPowder to launch, In 6 sec, that white cloud changed black as powder ignited the Petrol, and it disappeared. Fully made from Junk, Might have fallen in the Gorge near and me and my friend won First in Creatively Usage of Petrol too. Sry for Typing much and wasting your Time.
  14. Sry, I'm still studying but as soon I will read the whole and comment.
  15. Sorry for Heavy Nerco-Posting. I Swear. I dont know how to take screenshots in 0.7.3 but i have crossed 5000K mark, Kerbin at 1500K becomes small, and till 2000K gets Invisible. Achieved 11,000 M/sec speed and 1530 G force. Covered 5,50,00,000 metres total at Ap, then I Opened Chute, but mission was 30 Mins Long. I have ended the Flight. at 2000K due to Cameras Rapid Wobble. I Swear. I created own tank and engine and ASAS.