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  1. I decided to test out artificial gravity after watching some inspiring videos. I started off by landing a small probe inside of a giant ring that I cheated used my 100 percent amazing KSP skills to get into orbit. I slowly increased the spin speed... I got to 3G faster than I thought I would. This was already very fast, but I kept going. At 7G, the camera wobble was starting to get very annoying. Since the probe was stuck fallen over onto the ring, and the Accelerometer was underneath it, I was already having a hard enough time accessing it. By now, the
  2. I decided to test out some VTOL planes, but got irritated with the Center of Mass and Center of Thrust lineup. So I came up with a far simpler solution. I just noticed while looking at this picture that the RTG is off center. Whoops.
  3. I used RCS when first trying to dock ships together. It always ended up in disaster, until one day when I forgot to add RCS. Simply used the main thrusters. Ever since then, main thrusters have always been my go-to, as Monopropellant and RCS adds weight, and its just easier to use the main thrusters anyway. You don't need RCS for klaws anyway, and the docking ports have a strong enough magnetic attraction that its easy enough to just use the main thrusters to maneuver.
  4. Sorry for the extremely late reply. I have not had time to test yet, but I will try to minimize drag. I did try to fit the drills in a service bay originally, but they were way too big. Should I try an MK3 cargo bay facing downwards? I can't try these ideas right now, but I will try to get back when I can.
  5. I have struggled for quite a long time to create a mining SSTO that could get itself to Laythe, and fly around... until I can be bothered to bring the Kerbals back. The process has resulted in many failures, all looking relatively like this one: I usually run into one of three or so problems. 1: Not enough TWR to reach orbit. 2: Not enough DV to reach orbit. 3. Flops around on the runway until it blows up. (Or fails to take off...) I usually find it too heavy to take off, so I add more wings. I then find it too heavy for the jet engines to effectively carry, strug
  6. I recently got a mining base at Vall. Whenever I am at a seperate craft, and I come into range of the base, it always seems on the verge of exploding. Many parts are always on the verge of exploding, including the many radiators I have mounted. Notably, my drills and my refinery are not overheating. What the heck is happening here? None of my other bases (which all use practically the same design) do this.
  7. Somehow, completely by chance, if I leave my Kerbin slowdown burn for my SSTO Tourist plane, it will result in Kerbin perfectly slingshotting me to Jool. If I did take it, I could probably refuel at my Vallbase anyway to come back. The only reason I'm not taking it is because my tourist deadline is coming near.. and they probably miss Kerbin after thier 20 year tour of Duna, Ike, Jool, Vall, Tylo, Mun and Minmus.
  8. I finally decided to rescue Jebediah from his 40th year or so of being on the Minmus refuelling station (that I have yet to use). It's his fault (and totally not mine) that he boarded the flight without me knowing until I was already there... Also rescued Bob from his 4th year of being in EVA in Kerbin orbit after he too (also not my fault) boarded a mission to Jool he wasn't supposed to be on.
  9. I have seen other people saying that the question mark anomalies are very innacurate. They are supposed to be the easter eggs, and that question mark is probably the black monolith just north of KSC, like egoego said. I personally have noticed the inaccuracy when trying to find the anomalies on Minmus, as it always was a very far distance away. Generally, you should look around the spot it says the easter egg is at, and hope to find it.
  10. Kerbals get Experience based on where they have been. Until you can get to the Mun, your Kerbals wont be able to reach higher than Lvl 1. However, their Experience is not what is stopping you from getting maneuver nodes. To use Maneuver Nodes in campaign, you need to have gotten at least Lvl 2 tracking station, Lvl 2 Mission Control and have Full Probe/Crew control on your vehicle. If any of these are not met, you will not have maneuver nodes, and will not have patched conics to show you your encounters. Full Probe control means having a connection back to Kerbin, and full Crew
  11. So, I knew I could do better. So I made an SSTO capable of carrying 13 Kerbals to orbit. This only took me several hours to get it to work. First, my internet goes out. Second, Imgur didn't save any of the numerous changes I put in. 3rd, I had to remake the entire screenshot list. 4th, I had to rewrite this forum post. 5th, I had to rewrite the Imgur. 6th, I had to redo the maths because that was on the Imgur. 7th, because the maths won't save onto the IMGUR FOR SOME STUPID REASON, I have to rewrite it here. Since cost is 1996 dollars, and the total Kerbals to orbit is 13, the o
  12. This is my craft, for this challenge. I forgot to name it, so call it the Unnamed. I made two Imgur albums, one showing the failsafe system, and the other showing the actual launch. For some reason, my first Imgur's text isnt loading in, but you should be able to see what is happening. If I did my math correctly, I should have 989 cost per Kerbal, with 84 kerbals. Not quite first place, but maybe I could modify this into a runway-lander... EDIT: The first Imgur's pictures are all in the wrong order, and no matter what I do, they won't update. Why does Imgur always do t
  13. I thought that there would always be a way to do it, but considering that it doesnt allow for mid-course corrections and it has a set time of transit on the Y axis, I guess I can actually see why. Strange though, considering how I've seen blank spots on my Duna transfers from Kerbin. Anyway, everything has gone to plan. I set up the base, landed the tanker, the refuel rover, and my lander. I EVA'd the Kerbal into the lander command pod. I took it to orbit. I tried to EVA the Kerbal again. Hatch obstructed. God dangit. I find if I spin the ship fast enough at 4x physics warp the
  14. Yeah, I did mean a second small mining base on Tylo just so I can get around there. My one on Vall would be my main fuel mover, and although it is less efficient than Bop or Pol, it is far more conveniently located. Especially because once I get my Laythe SSTO program up and running it would be easier to move fuel to Laythe from Vall than from those far moons. That's actually a really good idea. Since my lander has a docking port on it that actually doesn't really do anything, top mounted just so I could refuel anything using it in emergencies, I could use it for tug purposes. Although
  15. Thanks! If I were to set up a mining base on Tylo, I could probably ferry the engineer back and forth in the lander as well. With that setup, I could probably use the 5km/s lander renewably for Tylo exploration too. And since I will be using Laythe SSTOs there, that will be fine. Considering this is my first big expedition in the Jool system, or really anywhere other than Duna, I hope it goes well too. Thanks. Actually, by the way, that launch window planner often has blank spaces on it where no Delta-V is shown. What happens here? I cannot think of a time where it would be
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