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  1. Pretty sure going to the Tracking Station and back fixes that too.(It resets a lot the wierd glitches actually)
  2. Controls are definately way better but have some issues: I NEED the original (cursor) flight controls to navigate my vessels. I want slow even incremental trim control. I need it for level flight. The trim controls seem broken in every scheme. It worked well in the original. I really want incremetal throttle to be default and full thottle to require a modifer button in Radial mode as well as cursor. From what I've read most people agree with me. Radial seemed PERFECT, except the reversed incremental and full throttle controls... and the super sensitive trim that all schemes share... I have to believe some sadist did this on their last day of work... Only noticed one issue using Simplified controls... the time warp in the Tracking Station is really easy to control but... um... the DIALOG is BLOCKING the thing I'm manipulating!!! Time out! Put it in the corner please, lol. Bringing up the Part Action window is exactly as difficult as ever, having to multiply mash whichever button is assigned to activate it in flight... seems like something with the core game, like it's not polling for it it most of the time... so identical to before I forgot about it until playing... (For players reading this, switching control schemes will almost always restore controls after the 'sudden loss of vessel control' bug) I finally lost my main save when trying to launch a rediculously huge shuttle that I'd been modifying, in a game running for several hours. I had 3 missions enroute to Jool and a fleet around Kerbin and Minmus slowing the game to the point of 'buffering' for a few hours before then, intentionally testing it's limits at the time... the game locked on an almost-loaded lauchpad screen, with all the numbers displaying nines. I knew lost saves were caused by quitting without exiting (never lost one before)... but it was frozen for 5 minutes... I hoped for the best and shut it down to the home screen... On reloading all the non-stock vehicles are gone from the SPH and VAB. All my missions are still out there, but the VAB and SPH are basically inert. Save Craft, New Craft and Lauch are permanantly greyed out. All my quicksaves within that game are gone except 'quicksave' and 'persistent' I was pushing it to the limit with Jool missions, commnets and massive builds, so I'm not surprised it crashed, but I really wish there was an export or backup feature for the main saves...I sound like broken record... can't they encrypt saves or something so the console lawyers will let us have back ups? 'Buffering' Once I have more than a few vessels simulating long trips (3 or 4 missions to jool should reproduce it, after they escape Kerbin), the game will start freezing every 5-15 seconds (CPU load I guess), but so far the game itself keeps perfect time, no numbers get fudged, and nothing changes vectors or anything. I don't consider freezing under HIGH load an issue, it is a console after all... One issue: At times when 'buffering' I'd experience a loss of all vessel control. This was solved by switching the control scheme. Once the game completely locked up during flight. Waiting and pushing the 'home button' brought up the pause menu and the game continued as normal. THANK YOU PRIVATE DIVISION! (and Squad of course!!!) Still my most favorite game and part of the reason I bought an Xbox!
  3. YES... we should be able to report bugs from the console! The 'Bug tracker' asks me to sign up for a new login and password... by the time I do that I'll have forgotten the details of any crash... the console could also automatically report a lot more relevant information (console model for sure, maybe memory usage or save file status?)
  4. Same issue here (Xbox S) ... Hit 'launch' for a (huge sandbox-only buildable) vessel and it crashed/froze on a blank launchpad screen with the numbers all maxed out... had to quit to Home, and when I restarted I have the same problem Lucifer XIII describes. A new game works fine, but my ships are gone. Even on sandbox mode I lost a week's worth of progress (while off work...so probably had 60-70 hours invested in that save; comparable to my FTE version save)...wierd thing is I've never lost a save on the original patch... guessing because I was always able to quit to the menu before shutting down. I really think they should include an 'EXPORT SAVE' or 'SAVE to USB' function.