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  1. Would anyone pls dumb it down for me and tell me which file should I download from the gh page and put in my GameData folder? Is it the WheelSounds.dll?
  2. Yes! When I try to lower the shader setting of the game Kopernicus doesn't let me and says it needs shader on ultra setting or something like that. My pc is pretty garbage so maybe lowering that would help raise fps when when landed on a body with shaders. Is it really necessary for Kp. to keep that setting that way?
  3. Pretty cool mod. Would be cool if u could updated it to newer versions.
  4. Hey everyone When I have a craft landed at the surface of any body with kopernicus installed, the game tends to lower the frame rate extremly. Anyone knows why this could be?
  5. Great and fun mod, but thanks to the massive amount of bugs it has I really couldn't keep playing with it and had to delete it.
  6. After looking for months a good mod that could add planets without exploding my pc or deleting the stock ones, I fund this... Excelent mod!! very good planets and moon, I don't know how i didn't find Kronkus before!! Thanks!!!
  7. Hi, Are you preparing an update for 1.3 version?
  8. (sorry for my bad English) Greatings: How can I delete all the enviromental effects such as the illumination, atmospheric effects and all that without deleting the sun and ocean mod textures?? does anyone know what files do I have to delete or what else do I have to do?? Please someone tell me...
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