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  1. Who knows how to set up LandControl in kopernicus configs?
  2. There are materials on setting LandControl in kopernicus?
  3. Hello. I had a problem saving the cache. If radius of my planet is 6000, then the cache is not saved. I'll be glad if you help me. I'm sorry for my english!
  4. When exporting the atmosphere from the ScattererTool into the game I had problems. The atmosphere in the game is different from the atmosphere that I created in the ScattererTool. I ask to help me with solving this problem. Thank you in advance! I'm sorry for my english. I already fixed this problem!
  5. Is it possible to use animated textures for the planets? I'm sorry for my English!
  6. When you create a formula for the temperature profile for a small planet I have not encountered any problems, but when I reached the gas giants, I was faced with the problem of creating a formula for the temperature profile with logs. I would be grateful if you show me how to create a formula with logs. I'm sorry for my English.
  7. I decided to make a mod on a new solar system. I have little experience in creating planets, so I decided to get an opinion on the work done by me. Thank you in advance for your evaluation. I'm sorry for my English. Download: github
  8. How you made the effect of inclination of the axis for gas giant texture? I'm sorry for my english!
  9. When using standard normal maps, an error occurs. To fix this error, you need to save normal maps with an alpha channel (in order to get a normal maps in RGBA format). And I don't know how to make this alpha channel.
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