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  1. I can now land softly and not like Ryanair... Great Mod!
  2. Won’t be much activity on this till at least January next year. Personal PC issues.
  3. Sad to see it go. Well, now, focus on the other outer solar system probe, Juno!
  4. Hi Matt! I think your YouTube Videos are great but I haven't watched your KSP movies yet... I know they'll take up a lot of data... and that is bad when you live in Australia and have really bad internet! Sometime in the future I'll watch them on my Smart TV... Hope your YT Channel continues to go well

    Kockatoo (A Cockatoo is a funny Aussie bird)

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Thank you! Duna Attacks and Expedition Eve are each broken up into separate episodes if smaller videos are easier. 

      Glad you enjoy my stuff :)

  5. Is the Lenovo GameCube 2TB 8GB RAM good for a highly modded KSP?
  6. Yeah it very much did. Also, did I see a bit of KerbinSide? (I already have it)
  7. @Avery616 Your post on the previous page. The “Voyager” mission. How ‘bout a large science module, an escape capsule and also a few frag rockets so you can blow it up when you want
  8. @Avery616 what mods did you use? The “Hullcam” the Launch Tower, etc.
  9. Well here is a charger (*puts charger in ear*) Waiter, there is a Babybus in my soup! (A318)
  10. Gone to the Real KSC, seen a rocket launch (MUOS-5) and got a telescope and look at Jupiter and Saturn all the time.
  11. Mine is not up there. It is the centaur Charkilo. It has very interesting rings.
  12. Hey, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but on the game how do you change the size of the GUI? Because on mine it’s way too big for the screen. Also, my Monitor can support HD, so how do you make the graphics HD? Also, how do you change your rank? As mine says “Play on the words on Aussie Cockatoo” but I want to change it. I forgot how to do it.
  13. https://www.presentationmagazine.com/powerpoint-templates/0/0/00249/00249.pptx i dunno.
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