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  1. Is there a way to tone down or turn off how experiments take a while to complete? Its kinda difficult early game for your barometer to take 15 minutes when you'll be plunging back into the atmosphere in 5
  2. so uh... I'm getting that message on startup that says the save will be corrupted etc etc. I'm playing with RO and RP-1(and RSS) with lots of add-ons. How should I go about fixing it?
  3. Hey CobaltWolf, is there a possibility of doing the Saturn 8 or the Nova rocket? or are those off the table? also where is the dev version of the mod? thanks
  4. Can you make Sputnik 2? I want to send laika to the stars! but this time with proper radiators
  5. cool, so I want to build a B-36 Peacemaker, but the main limiting factor is the cockpit. So I was wondering if you could make a cockpit based on the B-36. Preferably in 3.75m form picture for effect
  6. Hi, I love this mod, its super useful. But I have a question, do you happen to take part suggestions? just uh... asking for a friend...
  7. For me, the two large wings(I forget the name, like, the really big ones? the FAT-5000 or something?) Are not lifting surfaces. they are just fuel tanks, and don't provide any lift. I don't know if this is already known, or a bug on my end.
  8. Absolutely glorious. They're so awesome. I can't wait to build my half-real half-kerbal rocket with these
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