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  1. Absolutely glorious. They're so awesome. I can't wait to build my half-real half-kerbal rocket with these
  2. and I am saving this... Edit: Also, what is the bottom half of Pioneer 5? I can't find a part like it
  3. I still want the Nova though, cause its cool. show me what you will with the Saturn MLV, the Nova still out-classes it
  4. williamhall531@gmail.com

    [1.5.*, 1.6.*] SXT Continued

    is this compatible with Tweak scale?
  5. There is a small spelling mistake on one part, on the title, it says Vexin, but in the description it says vixen. I might have already said this, and it might have been fixed, but I'm just very forgetful, and wanted to mention it before I forget again.
  6. I just want to say, I love this mod so much. something about these soviet rockets. And I'm currently doing a career mode game where I'm challenging myself to make only real life(or concept) rockets. and let me tell you, this mod is amazing for my manned space missions, as well as early moon probes. But I have a question, will do you have plans to add the Voskhod capsule with the inflatable airlock?
  7. oh, and one more thing. there is one part, the vixen(or vexin, or whatever you meant) has two different names. in the part's title, it says vexin or something similar to that, while in the part description, it says vixen. probably just a minor spelling mistake. or maybe you did it on purpose, I don't know. just thought I should mention it
  8. something is horribly wrong with my Atlas Agena rocket. Every time I launch it, at about T+2 seconds, it starts spinning uncontrollably, which then causes oscillations, which then leads to a failed mission and a dead rocket, with a payload that will never reach its destination... but yea, is there something wrong with the rocket? Did I built it wrong? is the Lunar Orbiter 4 build wrong? Edit: okay, nvm, I'm just an idiot. the put the orbiter on upside down, this displeased the rocket.... and don't ask how I put the orbiter upside down, just don't
  9. all I heard was warhead sooooooo. to me its a peacekeeper lol, and it always will be.
  10. Peacekeeper derived? Cool, I can't wait to nuke some Krussians
  11. I can't seem to find the greenhouse module. was it removed?
  12. Ok, Single Part Request. A gosh darn Mk3 Tail connecter(the stock Mk3) Its stupid that we don't have one of those. I would really like to see it added in
  13. The probe is supposed to roll away from the flames completely unharmed, lol. nice job, 9.5/10 realism