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  1. i am totally unable to find the m26 mlrs rocket, WHERE IS IT. please tell me
  2. bdarmory

  3. bdarmory

    alright, how do you install correctly?, extract from bd armory folder, than transfer it to your gamedata?
  4. bdarmory

  5. help with bdarmory. (again)

    in kerbal space program, i have tried and tried again to install bd armory, yet every time i try to run ksp, it doesnt work, now remember, without bd armory, my ksp works perfectly. and i think im using the correct version. so halping plox
  6. what ammo does the MLRS use? i cant seem to find the missile
  7. bdarmory

    i have tried installing bd armory multiple times, using downloads from multiple sourced. but every time, ksp doesnt work, i have the latest update and ksp works completely fine without it. its weird.
  8. too anyone who still looks at these, i am having an issue with my saturn 5 parts, it appears that the pedal decoupler for the LM is too big, the top of it creates a large lip with the csm and the bottom parts sticks out too far. while it doesnt affect performance, its just a huge eyesore, so if anyone can tell me something pleased do
  9. Bdarmory is not working in 1.2.2

    yea i did,
  10. Bdarmory is not working in 1.2.2

    I just downloaded bd armory, and I tried out the 50 cal mg. I installed the weapon manager, but it didn't work. Please help me someone