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  1. Every so often "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" gets stuck in my brain. Today's one of those days. :-P
  2. What tune is jangling around in your head & won't go away? Today, for me, it's "Southern Man" by Neil Young. I really like the song, but 2 or 3 times hearing it directly shunted into my brain is enough. 20+ times? That's too much, IMO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVRxdPWV3RM
  3. "Waiter, I believe someone is pranking me! There's an elephant in my soup!"
  4. The mixing wand went "POP" while I was taking a nap. Since things rarely go "POP" in my house, I got up to check it out. The cat was staring at the end of the counter where I leave the mixing wand plugged in & the kitchen had a burnt, acrid electrical smell. After I unplugged it & separated the mixing component from the handle of the device, I looked down inside it & saw a thin wisp of smoke still inside. When I put it down on the counter, I noticed black liquid dripping onto the counter from the end of it. It looks like I need a new mixing wand. It's lucky for me it happened while I was home, instead of maybe burning down my house. After I replace it, I won't be leaving the next one plugged in all the time.
  5. Bill Nye dead? No way! Didn't they freeze him & start calling him Bill Nye the Corpsicle Guy? :-P
  6. "You know, (fill in the blank)'s career is entirely built on lip synching, right?"
  7. You know you're a nerd when your current profession, your previous profession & all of your varied hobbies are summed up by one phrase: computer science.
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