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  1. Just to add a few things, the engines in the Expanse are super fusion rockets. They have higher ISP to let the story they wanted to tell work. They use water as reaction mass. If you want to learn more about fusion torch ships this is the best place to go. Time to read up on Brachistochrone trajectories!
  2. Those are sparks to burn off Hydrogen. Nothing to do with engine start.
  3. Biggest thing for me would be better gravity assists. There a big part space travel, and how the SOI system works now makes them very strange to use. As for ships drifting over time, let controled/powerd craft use RCS for station keeping. Lagrange points would not need to use these. I'm guessing we will already have some sort of timewarp auto pilot?, since torch ships and interstellar ships fire there engines for the whole trip/months at a time. There has to be some way to control them why you work on other things. I dont think it would add much to the performance, particularly if they keep planets on rails. Orbiter runs just fine with n-body and has since 2005? At the least it would be a nice difficulty setting, along with persistent rotation.
  4. Got it fixed, may want to put on there that ATM does not play nice with clouds.
  5. Any idea why my clouds look like this? Its nothing like the video/screenshots.
  6. With RD here and from what it sounds like cost coming next update, why not just make them better? Put them later in the RD tree and have them cost more. Sounds balanced to me.
  7. If you want to look at it yourself, 'Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Squad\Parts\Engine\nuclearEngine' And read the part.cfg. "// Yes, I know this is wrong. NTRs don't actually burn fuel and oxidizer, but we don't want to jump into making separate tanks for the two yet." They talked about tweakables to fix that just after the NTR came out. Maybe this is the first pass on tweaks and better fuel handing is coming later. Would be nice to hear something on it from the dev's. With the duel mode engines we could even have Bimodal or Trimodal NTR's,
  8. Something i would love that i cant seem to find is a power draw/income readout. Would help a lot with ion probes and the like.
  9. "The first two, used for STS-1 and STS-2, were painted white to protect the tanks from ultraviolet light during the extended time that the shuttle spends on the launch pad prior to launch.[6] Because this did not turn out to be a problem and to reduce weight, Lockheed Martin ceased painting the external tanks beginning with STS-3, leaving the rust-colored spray-on insulation bare, saving approximately 272 kg (600 lb) of weight." Paint adds up on something that big.
  10. Zacho

    Gravity (Movie)

    After seeing this, i had a feeling KSP players may want to see it as well.
  11. Doing remote RemoteTech comsat launches and needed a ground base to do circularize burn controls. So a few mods to the awesome I8-L and i got this.. I8-L-C Mod Had a nice flight at 16km up and got up to about 870m/s with Taverio's configs for the engines. Could have gone faster, but was getting over heating on the engines. Only used about 1/6th or so fuel doing it. Love love this pack, when i start to do manned missions it will be used a lot.
  12. Something im wondering is if Mechjeb could still control the ship after lost signal? But that you could not change its settings. IE you are using ascent guidance in mechjeb and the probe goes dark, if MJ could do the rest of the ascent and circularize burn on its own. But you could not change or control anything till you get a com link back. Letting MJ work like the flight computer does now. The new antenna looks great!
  13. You can put stuff on the walls with rotating them. And yeah there's as hard point you can put down on the ends or a docking node to line stuff up that way.
  14. Really loving this! (Just a small test craft, bigger one is in the works.)