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  1. I have a designated modem/router from my ISP. I'm in Canada. I have no problem downloading the Source Code File as a Zip, but none of the other links on any of the versions work for some reason. Is it possible to get it working form it's source code?
  2. Can anyone help me resolve my issue with downloading CKAN in the first place? I never had this problem before, but now can't download it for the life of me. I get this error: github-production-release-asset-2e65be.s3.amazonaws.com took too long to respond. Since there aren't any third-party hosts for this file, I am pretty much screwed in my attempts to download it...
  3. I was having the same issue aswell. Was trying to install SoundingRockets! and it gave me the error related to USITools. Using CKAN.
  4. I must be stupid, (I am new), but when I build a Space Plane, using the MKII parts, including the Dual Afterburner Turbofan, I apply max thrust on the runway, and the plane goes nowhere. It sits still, the engines say they are putting out ~200 thrust. However I just sit there on the runway, eventually getting lighter and pointing up but pivoting on my back landing gear. Again... I am probably an idiot, but does anyone have an explanation?
  5. I'm having a bit of an issue, and I'm not sure if this is the mod causing it. I am attempting to build my first Space Plane, using the MK II parts. Including those big badass MK II dual engines for the back. Now my issue. I hit the runway, throttle 100% and ... nada. I have full thrust, but the ship goes nowhere. Zero speed, it gets lighter until it starts pointing up... lol... Not sure if this is an issue with this mod, as I'm not sure if the part is from the mod, wish I knew how to tell, but maybe someone has some advice. Thanks.
  6. So weird, I am having the EXACT same issue at the moment. I am using the MK2 parts, and I have full thrust, but the ship goes no where. It points up but nada. Zero speed. Relatively same mod list. Anyone have any ideas? I will post whatever I can, just need to know what to post.
  7. I am having an annoying issue with planes. I am testing with a stock plane, The Bungalow. Stock, as-is, the thing has a massive tendency to pull right, as indicated in this photo below. Using RCS to show CoM, etc. http://imgur.com/a/z20jo Then, the only way to perfect it, so there is no turning tendencies is to do this... http://imgur.com/a/2IzwY I imagine it must be a mod I have installed, but the only one affecting physics, I removed, and the problem has persisted. (It was the Joint Reinforcement mod) Any advice?