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  1. Can anyone join? Tried now but for some reason it doesn't let me in. Edit: Nevermind restarting Discord fixed it Also wonderful job with 1.3
  2. Cristy2017

    [1.6.x] ResearchBodies V1.9.9 (17th Feb 2019)

    Can you upload a pic of your Gamedata folder?
  3. Cristy2017

    [1.6.x] ResearchBodies V1.9.9 (17th Feb 2019)

    Have you started a career or a sandbox?
  4. Cristy2017

    [1.6.x] ResearchBodies V1.9.9 (17th Feb 2019)

    Working for me
  5. Downloading! Looks promising
  6. Cristy2017


  7. Yep, it also happens to me, the Dragon Capsule wants to naturally go pointy-tip first instead of heat shield first on re-entry, I've even tried putting fins at the top but it still turns itself prograde :)
  8. Cristy2017

    [1.3.1, 1.4.*] KW Rocketry Rebalanced

    Is this supported by RSS/RO?
  9. I start my save normally, but when I go to this ship (it only happens with this one) this happens And that doesn't go whatever I do, also I can't create new maneuver nodes or if I can they are bugged. (I press the ''Add Maneuver'' button and nothing shows up) It doesn't go away if I go to the tracking station... Neither if I go to other ships. Even in the main menu! I have to completely restart the game to make it disappear. Does anyone have any idea why this happens or how to solve it?
  10. Cristy2017

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    You can already do that, the game is finished as it is, and you can also add tons of stuff to the game with mods.
  11. Cristy2017

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    KSP won't last for ever, taxes won't pay by themselves
  12. Cristy2017

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Yeah I agree with that, the thing is that people want Squad to keep developing the game or adding new features for free, that makes complete non-sense from a business point of view. I wouldn't mind paying 20€ every year if they keep adding new stuff and improving the core of the game.
  13. Cristy2017

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Preparing future missions while waiting for the Sarnus window to come. First I launched an Eeloo Ore Probe because I'm planning to make a refuelling station there in the future and I also carried some science experiments. Performing circularization burn... Done! It will stay there until the window comes Next! Time for a lander to Ovok with plenty of experiments! And I docked this probe to my space station, waiting for its mission Then I reused the same probe and made some modifications to take it to Tekto surface Kerbal design And finally a rover to Stale! The ''Heavy-Moa'' engine works really well Actually KSP is detecting plasma inside the fairing, you can see one of the wheels, it almost exploded. Aaand done for today! Now it's time to wait warp till the transfer window comes, that's if I don't come up with any new mission