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  1. Yeah, he said on Reddit that they didn't contact him about this one
  2. I agree, people asking if there's going to be multiplayer in like the 23rd page of the megathread when the answer is on the 1st page and all over the place...
  3. No, but in the developer video there's pre-alpha gameplay where the two planets are shown.
  4. I'm hoping that it isn't too future focused, there's no point in going to the Mun if you already start with nuclear pulse engines and all types of cool stuff. Some of the challenge and the beauty of KSP is building your space program from the ground-up, first doing short hops, then slowly working your way into orbit, etc.
  5. OMG this was so unexpected I casually came across the trailer in youtube and it instantly sent shivers down my spine, I thought I was dreaming
  6. Hello, what is the "plans" tab that is now part of the mod? Last time I installed KCT it didn't have that. I haven't found anything that explains it, sorry if it's a dumb question.
  7. Can anyone join? Tried now but for some reason it doesn't let me in. Edit: Nevermind restarting Discord fixed it Also wonderful job with 1.3